Editor in Chief Jenny Zhu says goodbye to Bwog.

When I think of the twilight of my time as Editor in Chief, I think of that one Winnie the Pooh quote: “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

I think of the joy and deep compassion for this little blog that many of us share. I think of the Bwoggers young and old I’ve gotten to know – some of the most insane, hilarious, passionate, intelligent people I know. I think of my reveal when I had become a daily, all of us excited first-years standing behind Alma to shield ourselves from the sun, Ritas in our hand on that balmy summer day.

It’s been an honor to run the blog. It was not always the easiest endeavor (understatement of the year), but it was unbelievably special. And I’m proud of what we’ve done together: we put out a few new videos, created an active tech team, started posting first-year-directed content and Freshletter, redesigned the logo, recruited a ton of new baby Bwoggers, and consistently pushed the bar on our breaking news and satire content.

I have nothing but gratitude to give: to Zack and Zoe (more commonly known as Phantom Thread’s #1 fan and ZoesVibes), for caring so much for Bwog, making this year go as smoothly as possible, and managing every crisis; to Matt and Andrew, for giving us the $coin$ the staff needed to have fun and helping me carry out my insane ideas; to the dailies, for being all that and a bag of chips; and to the rest of the staffers, for letting me Photoshop you onto mangoes and requesting to buy a rotisserie chicken for meeting every week. Next year’s board will be Isabel, Eva, and Vivian – and I’m sure they’re going to do amazing.

I guess that’s goodbye. Bwog, I love you. Please don’t forget about me! I’m never going to forget about you.