This weekend at Bwog, we discovered if true love existed (still debating), ate food, and did academics.

Bwog debated if true love exists:

  • Met my roomie’s gf (his HS sweetheart!!) and let them have some time together (😏) since she goes to school in Cali and they don’t get to see each other much (literally so cute).
  • Went on a very cute date with my b*yfriend.
  • Said “I love you” to my friends at least 100 times
  • Found out my cr*sh is someone’s RM…currently dying.
  • Debated if love exists with myself, continued to swipe on dating apps. the verdict is not out.
  • Watched a lot of family guy with my girlfriend.
  • Listened to Ariana Grande’s Ghostin at least 100 times.

Bwog ate and acquired food:

  • Acquired a lot of citrus fruit from my aunt.
  • Resorted to my common finals habit of eating butcaf muffins for breakfast, lunch, and dinner :^)
  • Spent 6 hours in JJs with a fellow Bwogger and didn’t even write a post about it.
  • Got free dumplings at Junzi late night because they fucked my order up.
  • Got a free “happy birthday” dessert at jean-georges even though it was not my birthday and I never once told them that it was my birthday.
  • Had hot pot for the first time with three other Bwoggers!!
  • Went to Junzi latenight w fellow Bwoggers and was reminded of when I first joined Bwog :).
  • Introduced my Bwog little to hot pot.
  • Ate like three meals with a fellow Bwogger in… 36 hours? Truly unsure but it felt like one day (Two JJ’s, one poké; two sober, one crossed and fading in and out of memory).

Bwog did academics:

  • I think I went to two parties but I only actually remember being at one? And I don’t know what the other one would’ve been but the times don’t add up.
  • Played club penguin :(
  • Played the Sims 4 for an embarrassing amount of time.
  • Ended my finals before everyone else.
  • Saved all of my homework for the very last minute.
  • Spent an entire day naked in bed.
  • Figured out the thesis to one of my final papers in office hours and felt like a genius for properly using dialectic in a sentence.
  • Blacked out at a formal. woke up feeling fine but with someone else’s grinder.
  • Helped my sister decorate her apt in flatiron for the 5 holiday parties she was hosting this weekend. fell asleep under her Ugg blanket and Ugg sherpa pillow in my Ugg robe and her Ugg socks. we’re an Ugg family.
  • Took 3 shots with my whole class, after our final.