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Field Notes: Post- Thanksgiving Edition

Bwog did Thanksgiving:

  • Baked, broiled, and consumed several sweet potato pies.
  • Cooked Thanksgiving dinner in under 3 hours.
  • Had a PB & J for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Made two (2) chocolate pies on two (2) separate days.
  • Woke up at 7 am with the rest of my family to start cooking for Thanksgiving (as is tradition). blasted 80s new wave dance mixes while we cooked (as is also tradition)

Bwog saw family:

  • Smoked with my sister after she texted 20 people to find a hook up and then played a board game.
  • Found out my uncle was briefly in a destructive cult.
  • Saw the same extended family twice in one week
  • Went to a wedding, has champagne
  • Did crafts in a corner with my sister and cousin at thanksgiving so we didn’t have to talk to our relatives.
  • Was told by my grandma via my mom to wear makeup to Thanksgiving.
  • Tried to pretend the tik toks my zoomer brother kept showing me weren’t funny. I failed because they were very funny.
  • Was gifted a book on psychedelics by my aunt.
  • Was promised psychedelic mushrooms by said aunt upon our next meeting.
  • Got called “the most cynical 18 year old I’ve ever met” by my uncle.
  • Discovered that my family friend’s high school girlfriend is a YouTube influencer with 100k followers and discovered that my sister is a Bloomberg 2020 supporter, all in the same weekend. i still can’t tell which was more jarring.
  • Acquired edibles from my younger sister who is now my plug??? ugh.
  • Petted doggo.
  • Vibed with my cats

Bwog did relationships as always:

  • Told a boy how I actually felt about him after denying it for a month! Revolutionary.
  • Thought my ex-boyfriend had a new girlfriend so I broke down in tears in front of my cousin, only to find that they’re actually just hooking up casually.
  • Got a text from an old hookup who said they no longer like hookups, saying that they miss me.
  • Hooked up with not one, but two (2) of my high school crushes.
  • Gazed at a New Jersey forest at the dying of autumn and wondered if I’m ever going to be loved

Bwog explored the wonders of New York City Transit:

  • Got back with an hour left before my first class! We love time!
  • Faced the woes of mta on Sunday where I had to take a bus and 3 trains instead of the M60 because for some goddamn reason it was not running at 10 am
  • Played myself by taking the 7 thinking I could get to Manhattan, when in fact there were signs clearly posted saying it’s last stop was Queensboro plaza.
  • Woke myself up by snoring loudly on the flight back to New York.

Bwog did Black Friday:

  • Went Black Friday shopping for the first time ever.
  • Bought way too much on Black Friday.
  • Had a surprisingly successful Black Friday shopping with my mom and brother
  • Quit my job (heard horror stories abt working retail on Black Friday, and I was scheduled to work till 1 am)

And everything else in between:

  • Drove again for the first time in five (5) months.
  • Went for a swim and after I changed into my swim suit and walked out in a towel, realized the pool was DRAINED for break.
  • Got drunk at my high school alumni event and snuck into a playground.
  • Went to my hometown arcade thoroughly drunk and won a bouncy ball and a Baby Bottle Pop.
  • Played beer pong very poorly with my lovely high school friends.
  • Ate some cheese that was too delicious to be legal.
  • Thought about Costco.
  • Broke down over a lack of text from a new man.
  • Didn’t touch my homework once.
  • Saw one of my closest friends from home who is doing so good and I’m so happy for her!
  • Had amazing Chicago hot dogs at two separate places, I now miss hot dogs :(.
  • Realized after being home how much I want to be home and want winter break to be here already.

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