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Field Notes: Weekend Before Finals Edition

Bwog is a scholarly organization and like always, kept it scholarly this weekend.

Bwog did some “work”:

  • Got crossed for the first time in a while and slept 14 hours (literally waking up a few minutes before sunset).
  • Procrastinated.
  • Worked on my final (!) paper (!) of the semester/year/decade (!)
  • Coped with stress but heading down to 69th street and getting magnolia.
  • Nothing I did no things.
  • Juuled and booled.
  • Procrastinated doing homework by doing other homework.
  • Plotted a way to protest World War 1.
  • Tried to write my thesis and learned that i have been lied to for 21 years, i am not smart, i am stupid. Very.
  • Tried to do homework, cried.
  • Went to bed at 4:30 two nights in a row.
  • Blacked out at dwb (thank you all for coming) and abandoned my laptop at the hosts’ house. Was unable to do work all weekend as a result.

Bwog did relationships (like always)

  • Caught feelings for a BOY like an IDIOT.
  • Got sad when I realized I might get crushes too easily.
  • Had to tell a boy that I do not love him back :/
  • Discovered I liked someone. Was not happy about it.

Bwog did some weird things:

  • Ubered from Lerner to DWB.
  • Walked at least a mile around Morningside while drunk.
  • Almost pissed myself laughing trying to record a sketch in french.
  • Learned that whiskey and pickle juice go together and are actually DELICIOUS ??!??
  • Went to Morton Williams at 4 am on a Monday morning for ice cream, stroopwaffles, and apple juice.
  • Fit 35 people into my Carlton double for a gift swap.
  • Raised up the giant stress ball i had just received at said gift swap while the entire room screamed “ALL HAIL THE BLESSED ORB!!!!”

And everything in between:

  • Went to Boston and watched a 3 1/2 hour musical about moby fucking dick.
  • Made two giant posters with my friend’s face on them to support (aka embarrass) him.
  • Got said friend flowers as well as a ‘sorry we love u u did good’ gesture.
  • Went to a chill get together holiday party, heard a friend rant about the makerspace lol.
  • Played harry potter themed UNO.
  • Went to a very wholesome gift exchange in which I was gifted some sweet Muji pens. I may now have to defect to the Muji cult.

Butler via Wikimedia

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