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Goodnight Campus

Bwog wishes all happy end of finals and to all a good night.

In the great big campus

There was college walk

And Butler library

And Low steps

And there were bold beautiful Barnard buildings

And five little dining halls

And a pair of quads

And a little physics lab

And a tiny gym, pretty drab

And Mudd and Hamilton and even Math

And a university president full of wrath

Goodnight dorm room

Goodnight moon

Goodnight smog covering the moon

Goodnight city lights

And campus

Goodnight college walk

Goodnight Butler library

Goodnight steps

Goodnight Barnard

And goodnight dining halls

Goodnight physics lab

Goodnight tiny gym, pretty drab

Goodnight lawn flags

And goodnight coffee that makes us gag

Goodnight Mudd

Goodnight Hamilton

Goodnight Math

And goodnight PrezBo, full of wrath

Goodnight stars

Goodnight air

Good night noises everywhere

Night sky via freesvg

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