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Honest Course Evaluations

We’re told that our “candid appraisal is very much appreciated.” Let’s hold the administration to that. 

In an ideal world, course evaluations would be completed by spray-painting your opinion onto the door of your professor’s office. Alas, we are not yet that advanced and we have to stick with the Courseworks forms. These forms really do not allow for the same level of candor, so we have to edit ourselves. Here are a few things that Bwoggers wish we could say in our course evaluations.

  • I can’t say which readings were the “most valuable” cause I did approximately one (1) of them.
  • Professor’s cheekbones are POPPING. A huge distraction during lecture.
  • Re: adjusting the “content” of the course –  I wish there was less of it. 
  • In terms of the hours I dedicated to this course each week, how do you count the hours I spent complaining about it to any passerby?
  • The classroom had a wacky odor. On second thought, could have been the professor.
  • This class was so good, it guilted me into never skipping it. 
  • The professor was not helpful, thank god for the TA.
  • The TA was not helpful, thank god for Crash Course.
  • 8:40 AM is a dark, dark time of day. 
  • I wept in class. 
  • I dropped my HydroFlask in class on the first day and was so ashamed that I have not attended a single class since.
  • OK, boomer. 
  • Thank you to anyone (students, TAs, or professors) who saw me fully asleep in a couple of lectures and just let me be. 
  • This class was full of annoying try hards.
  • Believe it or not, this isn’t my only class. 
  • Every time I have laughed in one of your classes it was either AT you, or a ploy to boost my grade.
  • Because of the grade curve in this class, my skin is clear, my crops are thriving, and I have 20/20 vision
  • Analyzing the notifications that popped up during lecture on the professor’s laptop were the closest I have gotten to true human intimacy all semester.

“do it later” via Bwogger

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