Bwog will be filing a writ of habeas corpus or whatever, and, more importantly, sending a letter to Dr. Phil to try and resolve our longtime beloved friend and FORMER co-parent NYU Local‘s attempts to kidnap and secure legal custody of our son, Baby Yoda. 

In the wake of attempts by our downtown counterparts to take custody of our son, Baby Yoda (who the courts have CLEARLY assigned to Bwog), we wish to express our dismay and frustration at this latest failure in the co-parenting process. Baby Yoda has been thriving in Morningside Heights, but due to credible threats of kidnapping, we’ve been forced to temporarily move him to a secure location somewhere in uptown Manhattan.

Bwog will continue to be committed to our son’s education and development, and has provided him with a loving and nurturing home environment. We don’t want him going downtown and being corrupted or injured by proximity to the energy locus of the Dark Side of the Force on Wall Street. Baby Yoda is a beautifully inquisitive child, and we’re also concerned with allowing him to explore on a “campus” with so little structure where he could easily become lost or somehow end up roped into one of Zardulu’s videos (or eating one of her rats and then puking it up).

We ask that our downtown counterparts can respect what’s best for our child at this time and refrain from further action that isn’t in Baby Yoda’s best interest. We hope that couples’ therapy and a Dr. Phil appearance (followed by potential time together on The Ranch or something, probably) can help us rediscover a healthy co-parenting methodology.

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