An anonymous Bwogger is fed up with the sweltering lecture hall that is Altschul 202. 

Altschul 202 is a Sauna and if you disagree…you’re wrong.

It was a Tuesday morning. I rushed into the lecture hall, trampling over students to find an empty seat. The warmth that hit me initially was nice, a soothing break from the icy chill of New York City winter, prompting me to remove my oversized parka and scarf.

I got out my laptop and started to take notes when a rush of hot air blew across my face. This was normal right?! Could it be? This was my very first NYC winter and this could be standard protocol.

However, the heat persisted.

Every student began to get agitated. The professor made a comment about the heat and suggested that opening the door might help. The professor inched the door open, letting even warmer air into the space–the floodgates had been released.

The heat that took the space was unbearable. Not one student could focus on anything but the sauna around them, attempting to fan themselves to cool down.

Barnard, this 100-degree swampy weather is not the classroom ambiance I’m looking for. Please fix the heating in Altschul 202. I’m begging you. I should not feel like Shrek in the middle of winter.



yes it really was that hot via Barnard College