Oh, you didn’t ask? Well, we’re telling you what we did the first week of the semester anyway.

Bwog was active on Tik Tok:

  • Watched Tik Toks for an hour with my girlfriend
  • Learned a Tik Tok dance
  • Sent my mom a LOT of Tik Tok

Bwog got creative:

  • Stole ice from JJs to make cocktails in my dorm room
  • Threw an arts and crafts themed party! But lost a needle or two in my couch
  • Put fur on my door
  • Tried to revive my dead plants
  • Taught my friend how to embroider
  • Taught TWO people how to knit!!!

Bwog ate:

  • Had my first ever halal cart meal
  • Made bomb ass spaghetti and meatballs
  • Ate hot pot
  • Ate delicious Indian food

Bwog cried (or almost did):

  • Cried at an interview
  • Almost cried at the career fair
  • Cried over a podcast

Bwog made some mistakes, per usual:

  • I missed a bus by literally a minute only for the next one to not arrive for another fifteen minutes. I was rewarded, however, by the universe when the bus’ card reading machine wasn’t working so I got a free ride.
  • Had to buy a new belt because I somehow lost my old one that I wore every day
  • Became obsessed with The Bachelor after watching one (1) episode
  • Sinned on the subway
  • Spilled water all over my Macbook
  • Did not unpack

And everything in between:

  • Saw someone walk into Lerner 510, grab two condoms, and leave
  • Bought two plants, now named Big Leonard and Paul
  • Broke-in my first pair of Doc Martens
  • Celebrated my birthday with my lovely friends
  • Doubled down on my unfuckability by beginning a Lord of the Rings-themed Dungeons & Dragons campaign
  • Went on WKCR as a guest and talked about how little I know about cheese
  • Realized how grateful I am to be where I am right now
  • Accepted that dreams change, and that’s okay
  • Lost my fucking soul

Not the bus mentioned but you get the point via Bwog Archives