A long, long 14 years ago, in the bowels of the Blue and White’s offices, a small campus news blog was born…

The teen years are hard. You have to deal with a changing website that doesn’t always work the way you want it to, the occasional outbreak of trolls in your comments section, and embarrassing yourself in new and exciting ways in front of your teachers and peers. But the big 1-4 also brings with it new friends (in the form of our always-growing staff), the chance to explore new interests (whether you’re entering high school or hopping some clubs), and learning from the wisdom of your predecessors, whether you listen or not.

We want to thank you for sticking with us for the past 14 years of campus news, gossip, shitposts, and more! In honor of the Columbia community’s years of support for this beautiful, wonderful, original, grandiose publication, Bwog proudly presents a random, vaguely birthday-themed video for every year we’ve been alive, along with an iconic post from the Bwarchive. We hope you’ll stick around for the next 14, or until our site/the entire island of Manhattan falls into the ocean!

1. Viking Birthday Dirge and Bwog Makes Our Very First Post Ever

2. Happy Wizard Birthday and Bwog Covers The Minutemen Protests

3. Darth Vader Happy Birthday and a Bwog Orients A Very Lost Deantini

4. Happy Birthday Like You’ve Never Heard It Before and Bwog Spots Hawkmadinejad (so-called after a controversial visit by the President of Iran)

5. Birthday Song, 2Chainz ft. Kanye and Bwog Spends 12 Hours at 1020

6. Birthday, Katy Perry and Bwog Searches For A Very Lost Love at 1020

7. Epic Cat Happy Birthday and The Bwog Comment That Haunts My Nightmares

8. In Da Club, 50 Cent and Bwog Goes To A Party

9. Happy Birthday in the Styles of 10 Classical Composers and Bwog Crosses the STEM/Humanities Divide

10.  Sesame Street: Ernie Happy Birthday Song and Bwog Listens to Our E(IC)lders

11. Rats Birthday Mixtape and Bwog Crowns A Rat King (and Other Comics)

12. Happy Birthday/Cumpleaños Feliz, Dora the Explorer and Bwog Has Fun In FroSci

13. Birthday Cake, Rihanna and Bwog Answers Oral Sex Or Cheese Once And For All (Kinda)

14. Birthday Sex, Jeremih and Bwog Gives Birth (Alternatively, Bwog Aches, Because I Couldn’t Pick)

make a wish! via Will Clayton // Flickr