Valentine’s day might have passed, but there is never a deadline for love. One bwogger writes a letter of appreciation to the people at the front desk: 

Picture this: It’s Tuesday night. You’re sitting in your crammed double trying to study for your bio exam the next day. As you’re trying to decide whether the mitochondria really is the powerhouse of the cell, a severely off-pitched version of Talia floats in through the slightly cracked-open window (because Brooks air conditioners do not exist—we love antique charm). But then the annoying singing girls go inside the dorms and you’re back to the peace and tranquility of the big city. 

The lovely staff who work at the front desk have to deal with this atrocity, a different genre every day, multiple times a day. And for that, I would sincerely like to apologize.  

Thank you for putting up with the fuckery of me and my friends. Not only tolerating, but also smiling every time we enter and exit. Y’all choose to be nice to us, even though we make it really hard. 

And while I’m at it, I’m sorry for that time I drunkenly lost my ID, told you I didn’t live there and needed to be signed in, and after you gave me that “bitchhh I’ve seen you everyday here” look quickly backtracked, but then couldn’t for the life of me remember my student ID number, until finally you took pity on me and let me go up to my room.

I really do appreciate you.

Also, please remember, not all Barnard women are as annoying as us, we’re just special.

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