Ever wonder what the day-to-day agenda for a first-year student looks like? Think no more. One Bwogger has finally uncovered the real answer that no college admissions session could ever reveal to you. Below is a detailed timeline of the usual activities from 9 am to midnight.

When one thinks of the daily life of a first-year student, it probably looks something like the following: class, hanging out with friends, and eating— the typical tomfoolery. However, as the evidence shows, it turns out we are much more complex and multi-faceted than that. As Walt Whitman wrote, “[freshmen] contain multitudes.”

People don’t give first-years enough credit. There is definitely a stigma because we are the bottom of the food chain. Let it be said: First-years are people too, and busy too. As the generation destined to fix climate change and cure cancer, it is crucial that we observe the full development of a sunflower plant. As comedians, we spread laughter and joy, bringing light into others’ lives through the novel platform of Tik Tok. As aspiring dancers, we channel our inner Britney Spears on the pool table, one Beta party at a time. Don’t underestimate the endeavors of first-years.

Calender via Bwogger

Time Flies By via Bwog Archives