If you are going to post another change.org petition on your Facebook feed, we hope it’ll be on one of these funky fresh topics. 


We are all people, with opinions and ideas and the like! There is a lot going on right now, but if I get one more message asking me to sign some petition about pass/fail grades or a counter petition to that petition or a counter counter petition that is a counter to the counter petition… I don’t think my brain could handle that.

I’ve reached out to my fellow Bwoggers, and we’ve brainstormed on some new ideas to spicy up your change.org petitions!!

  • Get Prezbo to turn off his magic weather machine
  • JJ’s should deliver
  • Fallcchanal: staring 100 gecs
  • Ski lift from Sulz to Lerner
  • If someone says “to add on to that point” in a seminar class they get ejected from their seat
  • No more networking! Ever!!
  • JJ’s should have mozz sticks every day
  • Turn Columbia into a bog so we can get Hozier for the next Bacchanal
  • Delete Bwog (CANCEL HER!!)
  • Overthrow Deantini
  • Get Orgo Night into butler 209 just for the hell of it
  • Get Ferris to actually have good freaking lettuce, not that chilled stuff
    Make mac n cheese bites available in every dining hall
  • Barnard needs to have better merchandise (some ideas available here)
  • Lower the prices of Columbia merchandise
  • Ferris breakfasts should use real avocados, not the green goo from the bag
  • Prezbei definitely made like a folksy cover of a Mumford and Sons song at some point in her life, and I would like to see it

Change.org logo via Wikimedia Commons