Taking inspiration from the legendary products of Isaac Newton and William Shakespeare’s brushes with the plague, here’s how Bwog plans to contribute to society and/or our own well-being in these trying times. 

For the good of the realm:

  • Write King Lear but better
  • Start a podcast because everyone has one (it’s coincidentally it’s about Hamlet)
  • I’ve got world peace penciled in for Friday
  • Thinking I’ll write a chronology of all the activities of all the chipmunks (and occasional mink) in my backyard and donate it to science
  • Get a definitive answer for how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.
  • Plot world domination, reunite Oasis…the usual stuff really
  • Write a best seller
  • Decipher the secret code behind Ferris pizza toppings
  • Finish knitting hats for my friends

For the good of ourselves:

  • Actually learn how to paint
  • Might fuck around and invent my very own work ethic
  • Idk if we’re supposed to be being ironic but I’m eating more vegetarian stuff
  • Become a gamer
  • Make a list of all the things I want to do while I’m in quarantine…and then feel overwhelmed and do none of them
  • I’m gonna embroider lots of things on me & my friend’s pants!
  • If I have time leftover I am going to yearn and read for pleasure
  • I’m making my house feel like home for once if that makes any sense.
  • I’m getting back into reading and cooking and baking and making tiktoks
  • I’m going to fall out of love (hopefully)
  • Learn to kickflip water bottles into trash cans
  • Organize my bedroom by color – yes, this means that my white bed and white toilet will be next to each other but no pain no gain
  • Learn to make banana pudding

For the good of… honestly I don’t know who benefits from this

  • I will kill god

Oof via Picserver