You probably already have plenty of reasons not to be doing schoolwork right now, but here’s a few more to add to your list.

Barnumbia may have sent us home, but some Bwoggers have been using this time in quarantine to catch up on TV. Here are some shows and movies Bwoggers have been enjoying:


  • Little Fires Everywhere – A picture-perfect family? Think again! A drama-filled two-family feud featuring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington is just what you need to get you through.
  • Vanderpump Rules – Get your dose of trashy reality TV that’s hilariously funny and even, dare I say it, relatable? Get to know some of the twenty-year-olds struggling with rent while navigating downtown Los Angeles while stirring up the drama.
  • Dare Me – Need some small town cheerleading drama? Get a whiff of murder and competition that will bring you back to high school…Soapy, angsty and queer. Need I say more? Based on a novel of the same name by Megan Abbott, “Dare Me” follows popular cheerleaders Beth Cassidy and Addy Hanlon as their lives take QUITE the turn. Come for the gay, stay for the visuals and DRAMA.
  • Sharp Objects – While we are on the murder route, check out this show about a reporter (non-Bwogger), who follows the dark murder of two young girls. Gillian Flynn does it again! If you like dark, twisted stories set against white-picket fences and suburban boredom this is the show for you. Shocking as hell and led by the fantastic Amy Adams, your head will be spinning after this incredible miniseries!
  • Killing Eve – If you want a good spy thriller, check out Killing Eve!nThe sexiest cat-and-mouse game you’ve ever seen. Meet Villanelle (the gorgeous Jodie Comer), murderess for hire, and Eve (the outstanding Sandrah Oh), MI6 agent on a mission to take her down. Let the games begin!

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  • Fleabag – If you missed your Europe spring break trip, head to London with Fleabag, it’s really the woman’s name in this tragic comedy. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a god. Irreverent, funny as hell and surprisingly emotional, “Fleabag” will make you feel the full range of human emotions. Did I mention the episodes are 20 minutes long?
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – A fan favorite, time travel to the 50s in your favorite place, New York City with this show. If you enjoyed Gilmore Girls, you will love it! Midge lives on the Upper West Side with her normal family, and she discovers she has a hidden talent she’s destined to explore, comedy.


  • Tiger King – Struggling to know what everyone is talking about on social media? Since we’ve moved on from The Bachelor, a controversial documentary is what you need to make your head spin about a freaky unsolved murder, private zookeeping, and tiger breeding.
  • Community – With a tie to Columbia, as the main character’s bachelor’s degree from Columbia is found out to be a lie, the man turns to community college where a study group ends up being an unusual community. An inventive show that deserves to be binged immediately.
  • The Platform – It has a ton of Dante and Don Quixote for those who miss the core, and it changed how I think about the world. This show explores futuristic prison life as a dytopian tale of an unlikely class divide.
  • The Circle – Called “Big Brother” meets “Catfish.” Do you enjoy good, well-written tv shows that make you think? Me neither! Watch “The Circle” because honestly, what else is there to watch? Root for and hate real people for NO REAL REASON because you are bored. You will love to hate it. You will hate to love it.


  • Olympus Has Fallen (Amazon Prime and Netflix) – Take your nationalist pride a step up and enjoy this thrilling action movie, in which protecting America is the persisting goal.
  • Princess Mononoke (Amazon Prime) – Studio Ghibli owns my heart and it should own yours too. Vulnerable and powerful, “Princess Mononoke” discusses the age old dilemma: who will win the fight between nature and men?


Pass the time you spend staying up late and binge watch some Bwog recommendations!

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