Bwog is in quarantine, its unnatural habitat. Here’s a list of some of the things on Bwog’s bucket list for after we get out of quarantine and back on campus.

Bwog is sometimes healthy, so taking up athletic activity is top of the list:

  • Go for runs
  • Hikes
  • Have sex
  • Kickboxing
  • Go to the gym
  • Try basketball

After returning to semi-normal life, it would be a good time to take up a new workout or sport. Bwog has done everything from sailing to running to just hitting the gym. Try some of the suggestions above.

Bwog misses partying:

  • Cocaine
  • Go out literally every weekend
  • Make out with everyone I possibly can
  • Canceling plans just to stay in

While some Bwoggers are notorious for loving to cancel plans just to stay in, Bwog is anxious to get out. For some Bwoggers, every weekend is the opportunity.

Bwog is wholesome:

  • Cuddle
  • Hug my friends very hard
  • Have picnics
  • Have lunch and dinner in restaurants all the time
  • Go to the movies more often
  • Go to as many concerts I can

Bwoggers just want to see their friends and people, and not virtually. While baking banana bread has occupied our time, it’s much better spent together.

Bwog even misses NYC in all of its glory:

  • Take the Subway
  • Delete Zoom

Bwog absolutely misses campus. Bwoggers may complain about having to truck over to class, but Bwog would do anything to delete Zoom.


  • Touch someone else’s face just to spite COVID-19
  • Run around campus carefree
  • Sit on Low steps  

Bwog will do the little things, like campus habits and traditions when we return.

And finally, Bwog will do what Bwog does best:

  • Attend a Bwog meeting in Lerner 510 at 9pm with washed green grapes

Bwog would get back to checking off this bucket list in a heartbeat. Hopefully sooner rather than later, Bwog will see you all  at Barnumbia.


all our hopes, dreams, and desires via Wallpaper Flare