After weeks at sea, Bwog isn’t sure days are even real anymore, but that won’t stop us from giving you your daily Bwoglines!

Happening in the World: Cases of COVID-19 in Japan have spiked recently, prompting further lockdown efforts and a shortage of masks. To combat this, Japanese Prime Minister Shinto Abe has stated that the government will be sending two reusable masks to each household, but has not yet declared a state of emergency, much to the dismay of the public. (CNN)

Happening in the US: Two cruise ships were given permission to dock off the coast of Florida after at least two were reported to have died from coronavirus and 179 others carry flu-like symptoms. (NBC)

Happening in NY: New York State lawmakers passed a budget that includes bail reform rollback expanding the types of crimes that will once again be eligible for bail, such as second degree burglary, crime associated with drunk driving fatalities, and more. This decision has received criticism for not only taking a step backward from social justice reform, but for doing it a time when crowded jails are particularly dangerous, given the global pandemic. (NCPR)

Poem: Have a beautifully bizarre Alice Notley poem! Notley is an experimental queen famous for The Descent of Alette, Culture of One, and more, and she is considered to be part of the second generation of New York School poets.

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