Deep into this weeks-long isolation, Bwog tries out some new hobbies, some of them cooler than others.

Bwog found some new hobbies:
  • Picked up my old bow and tried archery for the first time in ages
    • It took me an hour to hit the dog toy I had set up as a target
      • When I finally did hit it the arrow just bounced right off. F
  • Developed an obsession with Fiona Apple
  • Wrote. A LOT. For school and for fun!
    • I’m such a scholar…
  • Stayed up until 2 am with my sister playing The Sims and screaming to Sam’s Town by The Killers
  • Sent 80 emails because of Bwog
  • Shaved my dad’s head
    • Felt So Much Power
  • Tried to convince my family that oat milk is the best milk alternative…
    • They didn’t agree :(
  • Finished Schitt’s Creek and The Good Place and I don’t think I’ll ever be okay again???
  • Sunbathed on the balcony
    • Forgot to put on sunscreen…
Bwog really went through it:
  • Accidentally bought one and a half liters of gin
  • Wore a Smurf-themed mask while picking up a prescription
    • Ran into someone I knew, because of course I did (#smalltownlife)
  • Listened to “If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)” by The 1975
    • Felt all the serotonin in my body return from the war
  • Slept through my psychiatrist appointment
  • Thought long and hard about shaving my head…
    • I’m probably not going to do it…
    • Maybe…
  • Pulled an all-nighter and completely fixed my sleep schedule! 11 pm bedtime babe
  • Got emo at seeing “Hope Is The Thing With Feathers” written out on the sidewalk in front of my neighbor’s house
  • Drank nothing but orange juice, black coffee, and English Breakfast tea
  • Ate a tamale
    • Remembered that there are some good things about being home
Bwog was actually pretty good at maintaining a social life:
  • Made friends with the neighbor’s cat!
    • We slow blink at each other! I love them!
  • Got a tour of my best buddy’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons town!
  • Spent most of my Saturday Zooming my two friends!
    • Realized how much I missed them and that I need to check up on the gang more often
  • Celebrated four birthdays in three days
  • Spent six hours straight on Zoom hanging out with different friends
    • Completely filled my need for socialization
  • Talked to my dad for a really long time
    • Realized how weird it is to be an adult
  • Watched Fleabag with my 62-year-old father
  • Went to my best friend’s house to collect the zucchini bread she made for me :’)
    • (By house I mean six feet away from her front door because we are ladies who social distance)
Stock photo of an archer via Needpix