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Field Notes: Not Hogwarts, Just Isolation Edition

This week’s Field Notes sent out not from Hogwarts, but from our homes in week whatever of isolation.

Now more than ever seems like a nice time to be delivering Bwog’s weekly field notes from Hogwarts instead of the “real” world. But Bwog is still out here in this reality, and we are trying our best.
Bwog tried to forge human connection:
  • Ghosted my love from Zoom match after a week of flirtatious emails that rivaled the prose of Jane Austen
  • Dropped something off at my friend’s house and ended up sitting in my car for an hour talking to her while she stood in her driveway
  • Went on a Tinder date where we FaceTimed and watched Taxi Driver together on Netflix
  • Zoom-called my entire extended family in one call
    • Sheer chaos ensued
  • Met my best friend in a parking lot and spoke to each other from our car windows for like three hours
  • Got so bored I texted my ex back
    • Got left on read even though he started the conversation
  • Enjoyed the ridiculous amount of excellent music that came out this week and attempted to use it for seduction purposes (with some success!)
  • Bonded with new friends over Zoom!
  • Got the number of a cute girl I met on FaceBook
    • Turned out I already had it because we had already met before
  • Finally gave in to my sister, who kept asking me to learn a TikTok dance with her
Bwog tried to pass the time in novel ways:
  • Practiced winking
  • Left my house for the first time in two weeks to get mail
  • Started to write a musical with my best friends from high school
  • Embraced the fact that my WiFi is good enough to stream shows but not good enough to use Zoom
    • Aka skipped class to watch Tiger King
  • Got all dressed up and drunk in my room to watch ALL of online Bacchanal
    • Actually had a blast!
  • Made some bouquets of lavender and rosemary like I am a woman in the Middle Ages who was told pleasant odors would keep back pestilence
  • Discovered one of my favorite high school teachers is now in prison
    • Was very distraught
  • Accidentally had my name set as “Timmy Chalamet Could Fuck Me Up” for the first three minutes of my French class
    • Got some embarrassing looks and very intense direct messages
  • Started writing a Hamlet-based podcast with my best friend
  • Went through old photos of my Youth
    • Consequently felt sad
  • Listened to sirens and computerized birds
  • Took an hour and a half dance class via Zoom… safe to say I was extremely under-qualified amidst the professional and competitive dancers
    • Subsequently embarrassed myself
  • Drew and painted for two days straight with minimal to no breaks to avoid working on my thesis

Bwog tried cooking, baking, and everything in-between:

  • Made 50+ cookies and a lovely lemon loaf cake
  • Cooked some tasty food
  • Used an antique double boiler I found in our kitchen cabinets
    • Stressed about using an antique double boiler I found in our kitchen cabinets
  • Made a huge batch of pasta sauce to avoid doing work
  • Made pumpkin bread with my brother
  • Made a baguette recipe that my friend sent me
  • Made an excellent Dark and Stormy
  • Developed a baking addiction

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