You’ll probably find yourself drunk here at least once… today’s housing review is good old (actually no, it’s renovated) Carman!

Location: Broadway and 114th

  • Nearby Dorms: Furnald, John Jay, Wallach, Hartley, McBain, Broadway/Hogan, Frat Row, Nuss
  • Nearby Stores and Restaurants: Morton Williams, Starbucks, Halal cart, Pret, Shake Shack, Sweetgreen, Community, Milano’s,

Cost: standardized first-year housing at $8,718/year


  • Living Arrangements
    • Mostly quads with two doubles and one bathroom (fantastic person-to-bathroom ratio)
    •  If you live on floors 3-5, there are a couple of singles in the 6-person suites (with two bathrooms!!)
    • If you live on floors 6-13, there are 10-person suites (also with two bathrooms to maintain a low person-to-bathroom ratio)
    • 13 singles and 287 doubles
  • AC/ Heating: yes, a blessing.
  • Lounge: one per floor, with a TV, couches, and a table. Nice place to hang out or study. BONUS lounge in the basement, also pretty nice.
  • Computers/ Printing: Two printers and a computer lab on the first floor.
  • Laundry: in the basement, and it’s free! Don’t go during rush hours and kids please set a damn timer.
  • Gym: Four treadmills and two ellipticals, just go to dodge. Unless you’re a cardio queen/king, then this is perfect for you.
  • Elevators: two mostly reliable main lifts and there’s a service elevator on the opposite side of the building. 
  • Hardwood/ Carpet: carpets in the hallway, sometimes some vomit too, and hardwood in the rooms.
  • Views: Higher floors have some niiice views.

Room Variety:

  • Corridor-style suites, with 287 doubles, around 210 square feet.
  • 13 singles for RAs, 105 square feet

Bwog Recommendations:

  • Carman is known to be quite social. It’s all freshmen so if being social and getting to know a ton of people is your thing Carman is for you.
  • The bathroom ratio is unreal, and the rooms are pretty big, so if you even mildly like your roommate you should have a great time.
  • Carman is super close to Butler so if you want a bit of quiet on a particularly noisy weekend… there’s always that option.

Resident Opinions:

  • “It was really energetic and loud lmfao. I think it depends on your floor but because my floor had a lot of athletes and frat bros, it was kinda messy.”
  • “We were all really close on my floor and I loved how much fun I could have without stepping a foot outside!”
  • “I met a ton of my friends in Carman and I’m glad I lived there”
  • “I think my favorite quote from Lit Hum was when Alcibiades said: “good evening, gentlemen, I’m plastered”… also relates to many Carman residents”
  • “If I were to do freshman year again I would pick Carman, no question. It feels like the one option open to Columbia students that truly feels like a traditional college. That’s not what everyone looks or but if it’s in your personal interest then I would highly suggest the dorm!”
  • “Carman residence hall is a fruitful place to start a family in these trying times”


Carman pics via Bwog Staff