Rising juniors are still picking and suites are looking scarce.  Double digits never looked so good!

Today we continued with junior housing selection and could feel the sorrow through the computer as six-person suites saw their last hope get snatched up today.  Be sure to watch Bwog’s housing twitter thread for all the live housing news you could ask for!

What’s Gone:

The last few 6-person suites in Ruggles have been claimed, but all other options are still on the table.  With only 4 studio doubles left it looks like it’s gonna be corridor style living for most of the remaining groups. :/

What’s Left:

8 7-person suites left in Claremont *no one picked

57 corridor doubles left in Nuss

89 corridor singles left in Broadway

34 corridor doubles left in Broadway

46 corridor doubles left in Carlton Arms *no one picked

35 corridor singles left in Harmony

123 corridor singles left in Schapiro

84 corridor doubles left in Schapiro *no one picked

39 corridor doubles in Wien

94 corridor singles in Wien

What’s Scarce:

8 corridor singles left in Carlton Arms

6 corridor doubles left in EC *no one picked

4 studio doubles left in Watt

3 8-person suites in Ruggles

4 corridor doubles left in Harmony *no one picked

Looking Ahead:

Rising juniors will have this weekend to regroup before the last three days of housing selections on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week. There are barely any suites left with only 8 7-person suites and 3 8-person suites remaining.  In addition, no one has picked a corridor double from Harmony, Schapiro, EC or Carlton Arms in DAYS. (Check out our housing reviews! They’re not that bad of a place to live. We promise!)

Ruggles in all her majesty via the Bwarchives