We were gone yesterday, but today we are back and better than ever for day 4 of housing selection! Most of Hogan has been claimed, in addition to the rest of the 4-person suites in EC. Don’t worry seniors, it’s not time to despair, that’s for later. 

Today concludes the first week of housing selection, and marks the half-way point of all-senior group selection. Whether you are a senior, trying to find alternatives in case your 4-person group doesn’t pick, or an antsy freshman–Bwog has their annual housing reviews up! So, if your plans for Hogan were dashed, for example, you can look through our reviews to find a suitable backup. As housing coverage goes on, we will also be updated this twitter thread for big updates or you can check out Columbia’s live housing counter!

We are now a bit more than half-way done with all-senior groups and while we saw some good suites go bye for good, there is still a fair amount of EC, Claremont, Woodbridge, and other suites left for the picking. Apologies though, if you were hoping for something in Hogan.

What’s gone: 2-person and 4-person suites in Hogan are now gone, in addition to 4-person suites in EC and 3-person suites in Claremont.

What’s left: We are around halfway through housing selection so the most-desirable options are now gone, but there are still a large amount of EC suites, 2-person Woodbridge suites, and more to go around:

50 singles in River
54 studio doubles in Watt
9 2-person suites in Watt
47 2-person suites in Woodbridge
7 2-person suites in EC
31 5-person suites in EC
9 6-person suites in EC
13 8-person suites in Ruggles
6 4-person suites in Claremont
10 7-person suites in Claremont

What’s scarce:
1 5-person suite in Hogan
2 2-person suites in Ruggles
1 3-person suite in Ruggles
3 3-person suites in 627 W 115/Brownstones
1 5-person suite in Claremont
1 6-person suite in Claremont

Looking ahead: 4-person suites have been a hot commodity and cross all housing, there are only 11 suites left.  There’s still a good amount of suites left in EC (7 2-person, 31 5-person, and 9 6-person), so those picking soon should be okay on that front, but will most likely be gone soon. There is 1 suite left in all of Hogan (a 5-person). Woodbridge is still doing fine and has a large number of 2-person suites. Next week will continue with senior groups, with the final day of all-senior groups being Wednesday. Barnard housing selection will start on Monday with the announcement of 4-person group numbers with selection beginning on Tuesday.

Housing questions you think we can answer? Contact us through tips@bwog.com, Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, or even just the comments here.

claremont! via Bwarchives