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Housing Coverage 2020: Day 6 Ft. Barnard Day 1 Roundup

Hello lads! We’re back again for housing coverage on this lovely Tuesday. Today’s top stories: EC is on it’s way out, Barnard started their housing today with 4-person–can we get an F in the chats for most rising juniors and all rising sophomores, and tomorrow is the last day for all senior groups at Columbia!

Welcome back to another day of housing selection, now with our lovely friends at Barnard joining us! For the latest information, check out this twitter thread with live updates, Columbia’s live counter, and Barnard’s big spreadsheet (apologies to Columbia students–I believe you need a GBear account to access).

Barnard Edition: 

Barnard’s housing selection started with the long awaited 4-person groups, around 108 groups picking into 44 suites, what could go wrong? In the last few years, 4-person has been fully dominated by all senior picks, since there weren’t as many suites. This year we saw a similar trend, but with the added bonus of 121st Residence Hall, we saw some junior picks in there as well. As a whole, it seemed like many junior groups were unwilling to go in for two doubles, which is why it lasted as long as it did. The cut-offs are as followed:

How do you interpret the cutoffs? It’s Group Value/Lottery Number. So for example, 200/73 means that you are a group of all rising juniors with a lottery number of 73 overall.

Based on this data, we see that the 121 all singles suites lost the metaphorical housing Hunger Games with being the last one out. We suspect that these went more quickly than the 620 all singles suites because some of the rooms are generally bigger, common space is bigger, and there is A/C in the common space. The 620 suites, understandably, also went fast. The rest then followed in suit. I was surprised that housing went on as long as it did, but it was drawn out since many junior groups decided to regroup rather than be placed in two doubles.

What’s the difference between this year and last year? The 4-person lottery saw a HUGE surge in popularity. Last year, 51 groups entered the lottery, while this year saw a whopping 108 groups take part. Around the same amount of seniors took part, but this year saw an increased amount of rising junior and rising sophomore groups. This was likely due to the addition of 4-person suites from 121st. I was surprised how close it got to all sophomore groups choosing, however, this year we saw the cutoff for 4-person as a whole to be 200/73.

What’s next? Next Monday is the last day for getting those 5-person group made, and the Monday following is the last for 6-person. After that, it goes into the 1-2-3 lottery. Former 4-person groups are starting to look for 1 or 2 people to fill singles or doubles in 5 or 6-person suites. If your housing idea fell through, start perusing those Facebook class groups for people looking to fill spots! 5-person will probably see a similar trend as the 4-person, but with the wildcard of added 121st suites, we may see something different. Sophomore groups, sorry to say, but history has dictated that all sophomore groups don’t have a chance to pick in the 5-person. If you are an all sophomore group, your best chance with be 6-person 600 or Plimpton suite, as there are a literal ton of those. Last year, around half all sophomore groups went to the 1-2-3, but with added 121st dorms, there will be less chance that will happen. And if you do end up in the 1-2-3 or Guaranteed List, it’s not the end of the world! I got a Plimpton single off of Guaranteed, it will be okay in the end.

Columbia Edition: 

We kick-off today’s housing roundup with the alert that Hogan is all gone, but there are still some spots left in EC.

What’s gone: 6-person and 2-person suites in EC are now gone–the only ones left standing in it right now are 5-person suites and 6 corridor doubles.

What’s left: We are almost all the way through all-senior groups. It’s not looking too grim, but if you are in a smaller sized group (3-person or 4-person), apologies but those bad boys went fast.

10 7-person suites left in Claremont
54 studio-style doubles left in Watt
11 2-person suites left in Woodbridge
191 corridor-style singles left in Schapiro
30 corridor-style singles left in River

What’s scarce: There are very few suites left in Claremont, EC, and Ruggles. The brownstones are also almost full.

1 5-person suite left in Claremont
1 6-person suite left in Claremont
2 4-person suites left in Claremont
8 5-person suites left in EC
8 studio doubles left in 548 W113 Brownstone
4 studio doubles left in 627 W115th Brownstone
3 3-person suites left in 627 W115th Brownstone
1 3-person suite left in Ruggles
1 4-person suite left in Ruggles
7 6-person suites left in Ruggles
5 2-person suites left in Watt

Looking ahead: There’s a fair amount of 2-person suites, studio doubles, and doubles left–which is good since higher-order suite sizes are starting to go faster. Tomorrow is the last day for all senior groups and on Thursday, mixed Jr+ groups start making their selections. EC will most likely be gone by tomorrow, however, there are still many options to chose from!

Got questions regarding housing that you think we can answer? Contact us through, Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, or even just the comments here.

See, living in 110 isn’t too far! via Bwog Archives 

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