Can’t bear to be away from campus, but still want your own bathroom and kitchen? Hogan is the place to be!

Location: 556 West 114th St, however, the entrance is at the guard desk in Broadway Hall

Nearby Dorms: Broadway, Carman, Furnald, Ruggles, John Jay, Frat Row

Nearby Stores/Restaurants: Starbucks, Wu+Nussbaum, Sweetgreen, International, Community Food and Juice, Häagen Dazs, Junzi, Dig Inn, Milano.

Cost: $9,872/yr


  • Bathroom: One private bathroom per suite.
  • Kitchen: One private kitchen (with dishwasher!) per suite. 
  • AC/Heating: No AC.
  • Lounges: Computer lab, study lounge, and TV lounge located in the lobby. Each suite also has a living room with a couch, coffee table, comfy chair, and dining table. 
  • Gym: No Hogan-specific gym, but there is a gym on the 4th floor of Broadway
  • Hardwood/carpet: Linoleum or hardwood, except in the hallways which are carpeted.
  • Bike storage: Available on the 1st floor.
  • Laundry: One laundry room on the 7th floor.

Room Variety: 

  • 26 4-, 5-, and 6-person suites (total of 116 singles).
  • Floors 2 through 6 have 3 4-person suites and 2 5-person suites.
  • Floor 7 is a 6-person suite with the Senior RA, and a spacious common room.

Bwog Recommendations:

If you have sold your soul to the devil (read: you are a senior with a good lottery number), Hogan is the place for you! The amenities of both Hogan and Broadway are available to you, and you’re close to campus but still have your own suite to sprawl out in.



  • 4-Person Suites: 30/1292 (2018-19), 30/1812 (2017-8)
  • 2 in 4 Person Suite w/ RA: 30/2423 (2018-9), 30/1811 (2017-8)
  • 5-Person Suites: 30/1534 (2018-9), 30/2189 (2017-8)
  • 4 in 6 Person Suite w/RA: 30/1499 (2018-9), 30/1864 (2017-2018)


Resident opinions:

“Rooms are a pretty good size but definitely vary within your suite. (I lived in the RA room so it was pretty big and amazing, but my friend lived in a much smaller room. More similar to a Broadway single.  My suitemates had room sizes in between).”

“High ceilings: if you aren’t facing a wall you can get some good light.”

“Don’t trust the dishwasher.”

“Toilets are weirdly short. I don’t really know why.”

“Big communal closets for storage!”


A cheerful single

Hogan entrance, via Columbia Housing