Gyms closed. Can’t go outside. A sudden obsession with baking and cooking. Are you feeling a little plump? We here at Bwog can help. 

Now that classes are online, and most of your day is spent lounging around on the living room couch or your bed, I’m sure sometimes your total steps of the day don’t even pass the double digits. Not to mention, this quarantine has suddenly brought about a lot of interest in baking and cooking. Have you seen how many cups of sugar go in a batch of brownies??? It’s great that everybody is suddenly a contender for the Great British Bake Off or Master Chef, but with the closure of gyms and lack of movement, aren’t we all worried, even just a tiny little bit, about our physical health?

How should you work out when you’re at home with no equipment, you ask? Here are some suggestions from Bwog.

Everyday activities that you can rebrand as workouts: 

  • Walking the dog.
    • Guess who’s celebrating everyone being home?? Yes, your dog Ruffles! Make him even happier by going on walks with him, which is technically an essential outing and also great exercise! Get those steps in! Make sure you wear a mask and stay away from anyone else!
  • Going up and down the stairs
    • If you live in a house, you can run up and down your stairs. You might even be doing this unintentionally. Forgot your laptop in your room? Run up and get it. Forgot a charger? Run back up and get it. If you live in an apartment building, you can run up and down the stairs of your building. Get that heart rate up!
  • Learn TikTok Dances
    • This one seems obvious. There are so many TikTok dances out there. I know you didn’t think you’d stoop so low. But maybe it’s time to make an account– you can make your videos private and nobody will ever know. Find a 13-year-old girl’s dance tutorial on the app and try to imitate her, over and over until you break a sweat and get the perfect take.
  • Cry 
    • Crying actually burns a lot of calories. Maybe you’re crying because of a TV show. Maybe you’re crying because you haven’t seen your friends in a while. Maybe you’re crying because it seems like the world is ending. Nonetheless, according to this probably completely inaccurate report, crying between 7-10 PM burns the most calories.
  • Engage in coitus/self-pleasure
    • If you’re quarantined with your partner, then perfect. Go break a sweat in the name of love! If you’re not, please do not find a new partner at this time. Social distancing means only interacting with those who live with you and with essential workers. PLEASE do not go on Tinder/Bumble/Hinge and meet up with your date. You can, however, engage in self-pleasuring activities. According to this also probably inaccurate article, an orgasm can burn 60-100 calories!

Online workouts you can watch & follow:

Home items you can use as weights: 

  • A bag of rice 
    • Part of a rice-eating family? Those huge bags of rice are actually 25 lbs, so you can easily use them as weights for your lunges and squats!
  • Your sibling 
    • Use the weight of your sibling (but please stay safe) for workouts! Have them lean onto you for leg presses, put them on your shoulders for squats, and more! Get creative!
  • Your pet
    • Your pet will be delighted to have extra cuddle time, and you will be delighted to hug them and use them as a weight for your workout!

Stay healthy and fit via pxfuel