Now that all classes are taking place over the online wonderland that is Zoom, we students have limitless possibilities to creatively multitask. 

With Zoom’s groundbreaking technology, students now have the ability to attend class invisibly and inaudibly at the click of some buttons. Here are some supplemental-to-class activities you should try while taking advantage of these liberating features:

  1. Send flirty Snapchats to everyone 
  2. Make a zine in honor of Barnard
  3. Dance in the mirror, like you’re on a pool table on a Saturday night 
  4. Doodle your classmates. Better yet, trace 
  5. Play an instrument, preferably percussion
  6. Scream (apparently everyone needs to) 
  7. Find your high school English teacher’s Pinterest account 
  8. Yoga 
  9. Treat lecture like a podcast and listen in while baking cookies 
  10.  Embroider your jeans 
  11.  Dye your hair platinum 
  12. Watch all the Tik Toks your friends have sent you that you haven’t gotten around to watching yet 
  13.  Panic over course selection for next semester and pace around your bedroom
  14.  Fashion show!!!!!!!! 
  15.  Run in place to increase circulation 
  16.  Give yourself an eyebrow slit
  17. Text your ex asking if they want to get back together 
  18. Take a shower but with video turned on (bathing suit suggested)
  19. Online shop for a new bathing suit 
  20. Fill out every Columbia themed IG challenge bingo. Feel kinda hollow after 
  21. Deep breaths. It’s all gonna be okay my friend <3

meditate your way through class via Bwog Archive