Warm weather leads to sadness or serenity. There is no in-between. Well, aside from finals prep.

Bwog got that summertime sadness:

  • Fled a Zoom meeting in tears
  • Read my poetry to my dad (very very very wholesome!)
    • We both cried
  • Chopped my hair off while listening to Bikini Kill
    • Did a horrible job
  • Got very ill (not with the coronavirus)
  • Spent the whole day outside on the lawn trying to write an essay that will be turned in over a week late :/
  • Was circled by a vulture that could sense my life force draining from above the treetops
  • Spent thirty minutes online trying to figure out what kind of beetle I was seeing on the side of my house
    • No success :(
  • Watched the last two episodes of Never Have I Ever back to back and absolutely lost it
  • Listened to Grimes for a whole day and had a cathartic experience
  • Stress-painted
  • Cried thinking about chicken
    • Chicken moms sit on their eggs and then we fucking eat them?!?!
    • Ate chicken afterward anyway
  • Despaired along with the rest of my family as our dryer slowly died with a very shrill and grating cry
    • RIP
  • Made an oat milk latte
    • Was reminded of how much I miss Joe’s
But Bwog also got that springtime serenity:
  • Felt loved on Zoom
  • Made my first quarantine bread
  • Was reunited with my dog for the first time since winter break
  • Reveled in the beautiful weather
    • Wore my two favorite pairs of Summertime Pants
  • Watched three hours of Bon Appétit videos with my dad
  • Climbed on the roof of the shed with my brother
    • Sang Fiddler on the Roof on the roof
  • Spent a lot of time outside in the sunshine
  • Wore real pants for the first time in weeks
  • Went on a great hike
  • Made focaccia art
  • Spent literally six hours hanging out with one of my friends on her porch (six feet apart of course)
  • Spent an entire afternoon napping outside after experiencing an entire month of rain
  • Learned how to classify the birds in my yard
  • Almost cried when my girlfriend’s baby brother said my name for the first time
  • Forgot what day it was, got incredibly stoned
  • Made pizza with my family as a way to cope with Tragedy™

And yes, Bwog prepped for finals… maybe:

  • Simply did not work on the essay I have due tomorrow! Self-care
  • Busted out five pages single-spaced for one class in an hour
    • Couldn’t manage to get through two pages double-spaced for another
  • Procrastinated until the last minute
  • Panicked over my remaining assignments, while not doing any of them
  • Wrote over twenty pages for finals

Photo of a sad flower appropriately titled “Summertime Sadness” via Flickr