This has been a semester of change, senselessness, and Zoom, yet despite the general madness of our times, this week, Bwog managed to love what is still here.

Bwog loved Bwog:
  • Felt happy because joining Bwog is the best decision I’ve made all year
  • Went to the final Bwog meeting
    • Cried after
  • Couldn’t stop smiling at the final Bwog meeting
  • Cried a little about my love for Bwog
Bwog loved food:
  • Learned that my favorite local restaurant is reopening for takeout
    • Felt the most joy I’ve felt in weeks
  • Made gnocchi from scratch B)
  • Deep-fried something for the first time
  • Baked my first cake!!! ever!!!!
    • Cried real tears of joy
  • Ate tacos in a parking lot with my best friend
    • Got angry about the Democratic party
  • Made cupcakes for my friend’s birthday and then delivered them to her
  • Baked challah
Bwog loved our moms:
  • Got turnt on vodka crans with my mom
  • Watched as my mom bought my entire family matching pajamas and made us take photos in them as her Mother’s Day gift to herself
  • Looked at pictures of my mom when she was my age
    • Had the scary realization we look the exact same
    • (She was cute so I’m not complaining)
  • Celebrated Mother’s Day by hanging outside with my family
  • Spent eight hours total baking for Mother’s Day
    • Needless to say, I can make a tres leches cake now
  • Drove twenty minutes to my grandma’s apartment building, stood outside with a giant “Happy Mother’s Day” sign that the wind tried and failed to rip
    • Amused the neighbors and scared the doorman
Bwog loved being alive, for better or worse:
  • Got reduced to genuine tears, not by the fact that my sister shaved half of her eyebrows off, but the fact that no one in my family noticed for a WEEK despite being together literally every waking hour of the day
  • Spent more than an HOUR (60+ minutes) making a TikTok about what outfits I would wear if I were a cartoon character
    • I’m turning 20 this year
    • I am a grown woman
    • I made a TikTok
  • Cleaned my entire room—even washed my bedsheets!
  • Had a surprise (socially distant) birthday party for my grandma on her beautiful lawn
  • Went to the local farmers market
    • Vibed with the farmers
  • Used my three remaining brain cells to jump-start a car
  • Slipped, fell, and sprained my wrist (thriving)
  • Made out with my boyfriend in the sun on the lawn in front of Hartley
  • Played tetherball against myself for an hour
  • Screamed in my empty house when my parents went to Costco
  • Genuinely contemplated egging my ex’s car
    • Drove by and threw the socks he left at my house at his car instead
  • Closed my window to stop literal snow from blowing inside
  • Took several, nice long naps
  • Realized I have so much to be thankful for

Pensive white lady in a stock photo via Pxfuel