The hills are alive with the sound of anguish. Another year of housing selection is done.

No one is safe from the horrors of housing selection, not even Bwog. Here are a couple of reasons why Bwog is still having nightmares about these past few weeks:

  • “By my perfect 6-person group’s time slot, all the suites were taken, and we had to break up into smaller groups, and friendships may have been damaged and we have no clue where we’re going to end up or if we’ll even be close to each other.”
  • “The last 4-person suite was taken by the 6-person group that chose right before us, even though there were still 6 person suites open. ON MY BIRTHDAY”
  • “Thought I was gonna be able to pull out a niceish room in Wien and instead got 92 square feet of Harmony to seal myself in like a coffin.”
  • “I wanted to live with my friends in a brownstone triple…instead I will be completely alone in a shafted Carlton Arms single.”
  • “I, too, wanted to live with friends in a brownstone triple.
    [Instead, I] will be enjoying the year in an 89 sqft harmony single.”
  • “Watched my friend group slowly be consumed by housing stress. Everyone got mad at everyone, and, as one friend put it, ‘what did we even talk about before housing?'”
  • “I’ve been having stress dreams about housing for weeks and I got the eighth to last lottery number in the Barnard 123. My stress nightmares weren’t even this bad. Why has God abandoned me?”
  • “I still don’t have housing at all! I may have to live at home!”
  • “Got screwed over in the 4 lottery, then the 5 lottery, only barely got in during the 6. It was basically impossible to coordinate Zoom planning sessions with my 6 person housing group that is currently spread across 13 hours of time difference.”