Jack Treanor takes a look back at his time at Columbia, covering crushes, dining hall schedules, and the torturous nature of piano lounges.

Name, School, Major, Hometown:
Jack Treanor, CC, Urban Studies, Belmont/Somerville, Massachusetts

Claim to fame:
There was a point when I was writing over 50% of Columbia Crushes posts. Some were real, some were for the drama, and some were just to make some people feel wanted.

Where are you going?
The heck outta here.

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2024?

  1. You can go off-campus and explore the city on your own. Just because people are too busy to go to Far Rockaway doesn’t mean you can’t go.
  2. You never know when a random acquaintance is going to become a close friend so never write anyone off.
  3. The music library is the best place to study for finals.

“Back in my day…” 
John Jay closed between 2 and 5 everyday and if you weren’t careful you’d have to go to Ferris.

Favorite Columbia controversy?
The lounge pianos. Anyone who thinks being forced to listen to someone loudly practice piano isn’t a form of aural torture is delusional.

What was your favorite class at Columbia?
CC with Kevin Elliot. That man would transition seamlessly between climbing furniture with excitement and making us all cry.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese?
My weekend plans are ruined either way, but I’d probably die without cheese.

Whom would you like to thank?
Thank you to my parents for supporting me unconditionally.

Thank you to my professors for putting up with me.

Thank you to my friends. I honestly didn’t expect to find such a sincere, caring, and fun group of people at college. You’re a strange bunch.

Special shoutout to Ruthy for somehow spending everyday between freshman NSOP and senior year COVID evacuation with me.

One thing to do before graduating:
Midnight adventure.

Any regrets?
I wish I had finished my thesis before the global pandemic.

Jack Treanor via Jack