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TikToks That Have Defined Our Semester

Our screen time has increased exponentially because of online classes, but even more notable than our screen time on Zoom would have to be our collective obsession with TikTok. 

Bwogstaff would like to formally thank TikTok for getting us through a very difficult and strange semester. Your oh so relevant and oddly specific content has been the main source of our procrastination and entertainment. We can spend hours watching your 30 second clips and feel like only minutes have passed. Here are the TikToks that defined our semester…

WE MISS COLUMBIA and that is pretty much it. We don’t know what our fyp thinks we’re going through but they’re right. 

  1. We miss frat parties (part 1). All we want to do is dance on an elevated surface while trying not to hit our head on the ceiling of a frat basement.
    1. @oschafesjust want to be on an elevated surface blacked covered in sweat and beer is that too much to ask🥺 ##fyp ##frat ##sorority ##foryou♬ Трагедия 😥 – wweagleweagle

  2. We miss frat parties (part 2). Can you tell we REALLY miss it?
    1. @ben_kravitzit really be like that ##fyp ##foryou ##videocall ##college ##coronavirus♬ broken – musicallyinspire

  3. We also miss going out in general.
    1. @sometimslifegetsfckedup##quarantine

      ♬ P2 – Lil Uzi Vert

  4. This has just been our mood, in general, this semester.
    1. @hvrlvnd♬ dont follow me – roeyjinke

  5. We’ve come to appreciate our alone time EVERY weekend (and will continue to do so throughout the summer).
    1. @peachtime.69woah there mama

      ♬ The Chain – 2004 Remaster – Fleetwood Mac

  6. We reminisced.
    1. @rileygreenounpacking from college be like ##fyp ##college ##reallifeathome

      ♬ Folge 16: Die große Enthüllung – Teil 2 – Kapitel 5 – Disney – Hannah Montana

  7. We had really healthy snacks.
    1. @maddipayan##fyp

      ♬ original sound – haroldinho1

  8. “it’s glee club, not krunk club”
    1. @kelseymakesmy room mates and i have a social distancing game where we watch glee and drink every time it’s deeply offensive ##foryoupage ##fyp

      ♬ original sound – kelseymakes

  9. We were surrounded by constant positivity.
    1. @richcarolineThe results shocked me. Beware ladies ##fyp ##foryou ##bodyshaming ##xyzbca

      ♬ I dont want you no longer know – aesthetics.a

  10. No words for this but…
    1. @da_nana♬ original sound – da_nana

  11. Sometimes we felt like we’re stuck in a tree. Take what you want from that.
    1. @chadmixitupSëńd hâłp!!!! ##foryou ##natureathome ##fyp ##foryoupage ##comingtothetree ##areyoucomingtothetree

      ♬ Whoy iz thiz getting popolar luv yu al – cutiechinabwaut

  12. We’ve found creative ways to entertain ourselves. *Bwogstaff has not done this.
    1. @crocsonfireGET INTO IT ##yesnochallenge ##albumlookalike

      ♬ original sound – swaggyburritoz

  13. We laughed. We smiled. But it took MUCH more effort. This truly defines how we are feeling now that the semester is over.
    1. @cutepicsofliluzi♬ original sound – cutepicsofliluzi

  14. We continued to enjoy our own company.  One Bwogger notes “this one because I haven’t left my house since March and both my parents work from home.”
    1. @tjmaxyquarantine check

      ♬ original sound – tjmaxy

  15. Sometimes we just want to run in an open field. Other times we want to lay in bed.
    1. @edgetaylor##fyp ##workdistractions

      ♬ Livin’ in the Sunlight, Lovin’ in the Moon Light – Remastered Version – Tiny Tim

how much time Bwog spends on TikTok via Bwog’s resident TikTok star

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