Tired of listening to Vampire Weekend’s discography on loop? Done with Alicia Keys? Bored of Simon and Garfunkel? Then look no further than this article, and find your new favorite Columbia-based musician today! (And if you have any suggestions to expand this post, please leave a comment!) 

Wander Marchal
Battle of the Bands 2020 winner, Wander Marchal is known for her smooth vocals and powerful brass section. Marchal delivers poetry in every word of her songs, all brimming with emotion and artfully written.
Sounds like: Neon-lit rooms, heartbreak, moonlight.
Listen to when: Having a good cry.
Song recommendation: “Someone Who Loves You”. Marchal’s smokey voice carries vulnerable lyrics about relationships, which will probably make you cry.
Find them on: Spotify

Maude Latour
New York City-based Maude Latour beams with truthfulness and fun. Starting a revolution and saving the planet are some of the ambitious goals mentioned in her bubbly and exciting music.
Sounds like: New York summers, honesty, youth.
Listen to when: Running around the City with friends.
Song recommendation: “Superfruit”. Latour’s multifaceted writing and the bouncy instrumentals make this the perfect soundtrack for any hot day.
Find them on: Spotify

Sarah Kinsley
With a newly-released EP on her belt, Sarah Kinsley’s genre-bending music is astoundingly her own. Clear voiced and not afraid to experiment, Kinsley’s songs are relatable in a completely novel way.
Sounds like: Early morning, blue skies, fresh.
Listen to when: Reflecting about life (but also dancing).
Song recommendation: “I Can Feel It”. Kinsley’s pointed vocals shine in this beautifully produced song, playfully longing for the future.
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Jane’s artfully produced tracks are defined by their punchy lyrics, criticizing consumer culture and the patriarchy. Honest and tongue-in-cheek, Jane merges modern and old pop sounds with incredible skill.
Sounds like: 21st century, feminism, fun.
Listen to when: Throwing a party for one.
Song recommendation: “boys 2 MEN”. Jane’s playfully and relatable lyrics are perfectly matched by ‘80s inspired instrumentals.
Find them on: Spotify

Effortlessly cool, dang3rbail3y’s sound is characterized by its honesty. Innovative and not afraid to experiment, every song is unique. Raw, funny lyrics are complemented by the occasional kazoo or triangle.
Sounds like: Poolside, chaos, openness.
Listen to when: Vibing in your room.
Song recommendation: “CRUSH”. Under the band Monkey Train with Engraver Arnold, dang3rbail3y’s bass-heavy track is relatable and fun, catchy in the best way.
Find them on: Spotify, Soundcloud

Eva Westphal
Eva Westphal’s pure tone is one to watch. With a crystalline voice that cuts through hearts and personal lyrics about love and self-acceptance, Westphal is wonderfully herself.
Sounds like: Soft, sunsets, falling in love.
Listen to when: Pondering about past lovers.
Song recommendation: “Call It What You Want”. Westphal creates a beautiful queer love letter in rearranging Taylor Swift’s iconic ballad.
Find them on: Spotify

Composed of Mark Pierce, Max Meizlish, Max Kilijanski, and Dominic Andersen, Zoobookz is a Boston and New York City-based band. Their soft alt-rock sound is modern in the right measure, all instruments and vocals working together in beautiful cohesion.
Sounds like: Afternoon, city lights, friendship.
Listen to when: Hanging out with friends.
Song recommendation: “Mayans”. Zoobookz delivers alternative perfection in this dancy but profound track, the words straight from the best kind of coming-of-age movie.
Find them on: Spotify

Cinematic and anti-genre are the two words that come to mind when listening to Onwueg’s music. Authentic and avant-garde, Onwueg plays with instruments and her own voice, creating a unique sci-fi inspired sound.
Sounds like: Nightfall, the future, dark rooms.
Listen to when: Astral projecting.
Song recommendation: “Her”. Onwueg’s half-spoken word, half-soft singing is surprisingly soothing, taking you on a bewildering ride.
Find them on: Spotify

Afia Kazuri
Slightly raspy and honey-voiced Afia Kazuri creates ‘90s nostalgia in the 21st century with her music. In her delicate songs, Kazuri manages to deliver intensity and emotion with her melodic vocals.
Sounds like: Nostalgia, cotton-candy, ethereal.
Listen to when: Getting ready.
Song recommendation: “I Don’t Feel Bad”. Kazuri’s sugary-sweet delivery makes this atemporal pop song a calming surprise.
Find them on: Spotify, Soundcloud

Under the name Kythira, Alyssa Gengos makes beautiful and effortlessly fresh music, which sounds straight out of a movie. Kythira’s bedroom pop is characterized by her clear, high voice, guided by a steady bass and dreamy electric guitar.
Sounds like: Forest green, spring, ocean breeze.
Listen to when: Taking a walk.
Song recommendation: “Friendship With Respect”. Incredibly cool, Kythira’s funny and catchy chorus comes as a much-needed reminder.
Find them on: Spotify

Wilchai (aka Stephanie Chow) is an incredibly talented guitarist and songwriter. Sharing short clips of her guitar playing on Instagram, Wilchai dazzles her followers with her impressive skill and jazzy songs.
Sounds like: Windows down, cold, night.
Listen to when: Driving around.
Song recommendation: “HOW ABOUT NO”. With Luis Villanueva, kakie, and, KANG, this smooth and chill song is best paired with a long night drive.
Find them on: Instagram, Spotify

Singer, producer, and engineer VASSI truly does it all. Rapping and singing over meticulously produced beats, VASSI’s songs sound like the next big thing. The kind of music that should be played on speakers.
Sounds like: Midnight, red solo cups, smoke.
Listen to when: Partying.
Song recommendation: “Calling You All Night”. This rhythmic and bass-heavy track is completed by VASSI’s beautiful voice, making it a heartbreak anthem.
Find them on: Spotify

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