After the millions of emails from Barnumbia, Bwog found free time amidst our schoolwork and other obligations for some extra-curricular activity.

Bwog made use of its time to spend with family, friends virtually, but also spent its alone time in its room learning tech skills amongst others in preparation to sell-out. Bwog was wholesome and basic with banana bread, but most importantly kept the TikTok trend alive. Here’s more on what Bwog learned during quarantine:

Bwog Learned How to Quarantine like a Champ

  • How to do one internship application after another after your research internship gets canceled
  • How to avoid people even more when in public especially at grocery stores, parks, during hikes, and at lakes
  • How to make cloth masks
  • How to have a Zoom picnic with friends
  • How to tutor someone virtually over Skype and using a notes app
  • How to work and have interviews virtually
  • How to live with my family
  • How to socialize virtually and talk about something other than the virus
  • How to host a Zoom webinar
  • How to keep my phone usage down
  • How to get a boyfriend on Bumble

Bwog Actually Learned Skills

  • R, Python, and Java
  • A certification in Excel (“here comes the money”)
  • Spanish, French, German, and Dutch
  • How to drive
  • How to play chess
  • How to sketch better, and build up my photography portfolio
  • How to use Webex efficiently for work meetings

Bwog took an Arts Approach and had Fun

  • How to make vegan, gluten-free banana bread
  • How to make dalgona whipped coffee
  • Tik Tok dances
  • How to make queso, almond cake, and daiquiris
  • Editorial makeup
  • How to write short stories
  • How to make lemon drops

Bwog was Counterproductive to Learning

  • How good I am at procrastinating
  • Bwog procrastinated writing more on this subject

Bwog Learned That Quarantine can be Positive

  • To enjoy drives to the Starbucks drive-thru more
  • To enjoy the views from tops of mountains and by lakes
  • To enjoy the boredom, make use of the time with family, and enjoy the silence
  • To enjoy having a ton of free time to chill
  • To appreciate it all

Bwog embraced the alone time to learn, but also absorb. Bwog reflects on quarantine, and hopes the rest of it will come about as both productive and fun. Best of all, Bwog is handling it just as everyone else: one day at a time.

Image via Bwog Archives