Houses and Homes is one of Bwog’s summer series that showcases the (potentially) neat places that Bwog’s staff have been spending their summers. In the first installation of Summer 2020, Staff Writer Sarah Perry gives you a little taste of suburban Texas.

Where: A small suburb a few minutes outside of Denton, Texas—about half an hour north of Fort Worth.

Sight: Sunlight streaming in from the east-facing window in my room early in the morning. Also, a direct view into my neighbor’s house. They have a trampoline in their backyard which is rarely used.

Sound: Outside, the occasional rush of cars on the nearby highway or footsteps on the sidewalk. Inside, a small rustle of dishes and pans downstairs as my parents wake up and start breakfast.

Smell: The slightly bitter green smell of freshly-cut grass. Ripe peaches on the counter in the kitchen.

Touch: The coziness of my bedsheets threatening a nap, which I must, sadly, resist. My cat’s tail hitting me in the face while she demands treats.

Taste: A warm cup of earl gray tea, despite the 99-degree weather, to keep me awake and fix my sleeping schedule. Later, an egg muffin fresh off the stove, courtesy of my mom.

Images via the homebody who wrote this article