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“Alas! I don’t know anything about the opera! I don’t know Italian! How do I go and enjoy an opera without feeling like an idiot?!” you might say. Here’s the secret: you don’t have to know anything.

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Bwoggers James Perry, Panu Hejmadi, Obutor Ogonor, and Alice Rodi check out the jazz scene at local Ethiopian restaurant Massawa, where the Sarah Hanahan Trio appeared last Sunday to treat the restaurant to a lively night of music.

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Senior Staff Writer James Perry has devised the perfect way to pick an outfit in the morning. Their tip? Match the buildings you’ll be stopping in.

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Ah, random roommate assignment—that cornerstone of ResLife! That blissful, harmonious connection fostered between two people with different backgrounds, different habits, and different sleeping schedules!

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Senior Staff Writer James Perry is here to help you learn your ABC’s.

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Senior staff writer James Perry moved to New York from a state with a high rate of COVID-19. Here’s an account of their 14-day quarantine period.

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Senior Staff Writer James Perry has a confession for their neighbor to hear.

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Having trouble with organization? Senior Staff Writer James Perry offers the latest and greatest in desk layout technology for this semester.

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Houses and Homes is one of Bwog’s summer series that showcases the (potentially) neat places that Bwog’s staff have been spending their summers. In the first installation of Summer 2020, Staff Writer James Perry gives you a little taste of suburban Texas.

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A Tour Of New York

Even though we’ve spread around the globe, Bwog thinks that we should still show some appreciation for life in New York! Here’s a short tour of our favorite sights at Columbia and in the city.

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On this episode of BIY (Bwog-will-show-you-how-to-do It Yourself), Staff Writer James Perry will show you how to make use of that sweet, sweet $10 of printing a week and bind your own books for class.

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