Screw taking notes! Cross off bingo squares instead.

Welcome back to school, everyone! No doubt you have already heard a plethora of pandemic clichés, and encountered or witnessed every Zoom fail possible. It’s hard to pay attention in a Zoom lecture, so surely your professors can’t fault you for instead documenting those clichés and fails in a game of bingo?


“Last semester was crazy” but stated in a tone that suggests this semester is no less crazy? 

A fleeting glimpse into your professor’s home life as they join the call

“What time is it for you right now?”

“Things are gonna look a little different this year.”

A pet wanders on-screen and is ushered out unceremoniously (double points if they get to stay)

A private message that was accidentally sent to everyone in the meeting
Breakout rooms that are absolutely silent
“I’m gonna just share my screen real quick so everyone can see it”

“Thank you for bearing with me.”

“These are unprecedented times.”

FREE SPACE (It’s a pandemic. It’s the least you deserve.)

“Can everyone see that?” (double points if no one, in fact, can see it) 

“Can everyone hear me?”

The Internet goes weird and now everyone sounds like they’re talking into a fan

“Oh shoot, I was on mute.”

The chat is either dead or distractingly busy

“Can you unmute yourself?”

“Ope, I think you cut out for a second there.”

Image via Bwog Archives