Bwog may not be the dancing queen, but we definitely had the time of our life this past week.

Bwog had a dream, a song to sing:

  • Had a long talk with my dad about life and college
    • Felt very pressured to do well
    • But also reassured that everything will be okay in the end
  • Dreamt that I had been cast as Elsa in the Frozen musical and had to perform without even looking at the script
    • Woke up in a FRIGID sweat
    • (Yes, I woke up before I actually performed)
  • Sat on the beach with a bunch of Greek women and complained about men, which felt very Mamma Mia
  • Saw the sun and had decent-ish air quality for the first time in like a month 

Bwog said SOS:

  • Stressed about a group project
    • Am still stressing about the group project
  • Cried because I couldn’t successfully roll out pizza dough
  • Was immeasurably sad
    • Then I took vitamin D gummies and everything was okay after that
  • Cried at the final episode of Schitt’s Creek 
  • Was told by numerous members of my friend group that my main personality traits are “horny” and “lonely”
  • Made a traditional Balinese puppet model for my class at 1 am while sobbing
  • FaceTimed my friends to tell them I simped over Noah Beck…
    • It was a lapse of judgment that has since passed

Bwog learned the name of the game:

  • Got a job!
  • Went to office hours for the first time
    • Waited patiently as number #24 for 1:1 sessions during said office hours
  • Called a friend for three hours
    • Talked about love and loss and capitalism
    • The conclusion: dismantle the government
  • Had an enlightening violin lesson
  • Got so many mosquito bites during the five minutes I stood outside
  • Got a note from my doctor begging me to go outside because no amount of supplements could fix my vitamin D deficiency

And Mamma Mia, here Bwog goes again:

  • Accidentally drank my roommate’s parents’ $550 bottle of wine
  • Made noodle kugel
    • Almost gave myself carbon monoxide poisoning because I didn’t know how to work my oven
  • Watched Mamma Mia 2 with my best friend
    • Made a detailed timeline exposing the various chronological loopholes
    • Proved that Sam is Sophie’s dad
  • Procrastinated my readings by learning TikTok dances 
  • Reorganized my kitchen instead of doing homework
  • Got drunk and started fighting about interpretations of Plato
  • Gave a 30-minute lecture about Sufjan Stevens to my poor parents at dinner because I don’t have enough friends who listen to Sufjan and are willing to listen to me!
  • Missed lab because fuck time zones
  • Felt a strong urge to drop out
    • A very strong urge
  • Spent $50 on leggings at TJ Maxx
    • I definitely only intended to spend $15 on sweatpants 

Slightly terrifying but also accurate wax figures of ABBA via Wikimedia Commons