Is it even surprising that that’s the title of a week in Bwog’s life?

Bwog failed to know how to read:

  • Had a small breakdown about how impossible it is to get the right editions of books now
  • Did all of the reading for a class
    • Found out I had read the wrong translation
  • Read 50 pages of Hobbes for economics
    • Was told that my professor had sent us the wrong reading :(((
  • Didn’t catch up on my reading

Bwog tried to recreate the college campus feeling:

  • (Illegally) went onto a college campus for the first time in months
    • Felt a lot of mixed feelings about it
    • Didn’t even succeed at getting the book I needed from campus
  • Also went on a college campus for the first time in months
    • Got fined real money for parking in a staff space even though the only spaces around for miles were staff spaces
  • Walked all around MoHi
    • Felt a flutter of joy in my chest 
  • Attended a Maison Française talk
    • Felt like a real college intellectual!

Bwog longed for Jane Austen’s England:

  • Watched 1995 Pride and Prejudice for the first time
    • Yearned
  • Fantasized about living in the English countryside and picking flowers in a field while listening to the Emma (2020) soundtrack
  • Made some hot tea and dipped a cookie in it…….
    • It was life-changing

Bwog remembered the power of friendship:

  • Cried on the phone with the sweetest Bwogger on earth
  • Got clarity on a few friendships :)
    • Social anxiety be gone!
  • Vented about capitalism with my best friend in a park 
  • Saw all my friends on the same screen for the first time since the school year started and played Among Us until 1 am with them
    • I am very full of love now!!!!
  • Texted my friend how much I missed them multiple times this week
  • Got talked out of a panic attack by my roommate
    • Love her so much

And, as always, Bwog embraced its inner fool:

  • Stained my favorite t-shirt
  • Ran into a sliding glass door
    • Got laughed at by a bunch of old people
  • Simped for pretty girls
  • Cosplayed as Frog (of Frog and Toad) to go read Chaucer in Riverside
  • Gave myself a chemical burn <3
    • On the face <3
  • Ate like… waaaay too much rugelach
  • Thought I had a date, ended up being a booty call
    • No I didn’t go
    • We are in a pandemic!
  • Redownloaded Snapchat
  • Went to a very tiny rubber stamp store
    • Purchased an unreasonable number of stamps
  • Went to two grocery stores in search of mini M&Ms
    • Found them eventually!
  • Procrastinated on work so hard I deep-cleaned my apartment
  • Held a baggie of frozen potstickers out the car window because my sister was afraid they’d thaw inside the car 

Image via Pixabay and my best attempt at editing an image in Preview