Bwog goes back to school and remembers that hey, education is actually kind of fun!

Bwog was a good student:

  • Actually did my sociology readings
    • A novel concept!
  • Was genuinely excited for (Zoom) school
  • Geeked about translation studies
    • Cried because I love translation studies
  • Learned a lot about the definition of a city and how we describe it in population terms isn’t totally accurate or fair
  • Finally learned who the fuck Hegel is
  • Felt the amazing feeling of vibing really hard with some assigned reading
    • Remembered why I love college

Bwog was a somewhat chaotic student:

  • “Accidentally” looked up my cute TA on LinkedIn
    • Now he can definitely see that I viewed his profile 
  • Muted my lecture so that I could hear TikTok better
  • Attempted to pause a live lecture…
  • Looked sexy and mysterious during class, showing everyone on the Zoom lecture that I am the main character
    • Overused the word “sexy”
  • Started Zoom ballet
    • Regretted Zoom ballet.

Bwog stressed about school: 

  • Continued to contemplate on whether or not I should drop my art history lecture because I’m at 19 credits and I don’t know if I could handle that
  • Contemplated my major for the 60th time
  • Decided that my ideal career would be getting paid to live my life like a seal in the zoo—swim around, lie on rocks, get fed
    • This was ~definitely not~ fueled by anxiety about having no idea what to major in
  • Debated whether or not I understood math, wanted to understand math, should just become pre-law, or should abandon having career plans at all in the span of one 75 minute class before realizing I did actually understand what the professor was talking about
  • Realized all the online gym classes are synchronous
    • Then proceeded to realize that my schedule is royally fucked because of it

Bwog interacted with the real world:

  • Walked a lot
  • Vibed in and near the ocean
  • Ran a lot
  • Saw a bright orange mushroom!
    • Did not eat it.
  • Went out for coffee and knew everyone I saw
    • It’s a small town
  • Went for my weekly walk outside with my dad, this time to John Jay park
  • Made shitty cupcakes
  • Had a Zoom magic show with my family

… Or not:

  • Went to sign a lease for an apartment
    • Realized I couldn’t because I wasn’t adult enough to have checks
  • Was ghosted by my psychiatrist
  • Listened to “Alice’s Theme” by Danny Elfman an unhealthy number of times
  • Cried x2
  • Did shrooms with my sister while wearing sparkly party hats

Image via Pikrepo