The crown jewel of the Barnard campus — home of the most luxurious brunches, the tallest tables, and the liveliest playlist of any dining hall. Staff writer Julia Tolda brings you the crèmè de la crèmè of Hewitt Food Hall music.

Picture this: it is 8:00 am on a Monday. You have just stumbled into Hewitt, half-awake, after a night of partying or cramming for a midterm. Your first class of the day is in 40 minutes. You make yourself iced coffee with oat milk, fill three small plates with waffles, scrambled eggs, and tatter tots. The speakers blare Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart on loop. You sit across from your friend in an impossibly tall table. Harry Styles announces he would walk through fire for you, while the two of you try to chat. Life is good.

Barnard Dining I miss you so much please come back to me via Bwog Archives