For those of us not in NYC, who long for the days of studying in Butler, Milstein, Avery, the Engineering Library, and Teacher’s College…the list goes on… 

I miss it. You miss it. 

Ever wondered how to simulate the unique Columbia library experience from home? We’ve got you covered. 

  • Print out paintings of Eisenhower and/or PresBo. Place them around your living quarters. This will simulate the intense patriarchal pressure eminent on every level and wall of Butler. 
  • Play this audio of someone shushing you on Youtube while you do your homework. It will make it feel like (1) you are in the company of others and (2) that you are disturbing them.  
  • Find something in your room that you want to glare at. It could be at yourself in the mirror, your econ problem set, or the readings you forgot to do. Get creative! Take a video of yourself glaring at your object (or person) of choice. Play this video while you study. This will help to emulate the constant shooting glares and judgemental looks people give you throughout the Columbia libraries! I know you all missed it <3
  • This one is specifically for those missing Milstein: Find a chair, optimally one that you like the best. It’s preferable if you can perceive the chair to be the color green (the beloved lime green, to be exact). Sit across from said “green” chair because you must wait for your turn. Did you really think you could find an empty chair in Milstein that easily? Look at it longingly. After an hour or so, get extremely excited and sit in the chair. Do not do any work. 
  • Build a mezzanine platform. Look at it longingly. After 2 hours of looking, get excited, and climb up the very creaky stairs (to the mezzanine platform) you made. This will remind you of how old the Starr library staircases are and will accurately reflect the anxiety one feels while using them because they feel like they are about to break at any moment. 
  • Find a small room of any type. Paint it white. Install an AC unit and make it as cold as possible in the space. Sit nearby the small room and work for about 30 minutes. Get up and check to see if anyone is in the room. Sigh when you see the room is “filled.” Go back to where you had been working. 30 minutes to an hour later, run into the small room you’ve created and complete your work. This will make you feel like you are back in the Milstein 3rd floor study rooms. 
  • And if those sound too difficult… 
    • Frequent your local library if you can because that’s a public service you should be using…and just start conversing with everyone and anyone you can so that you (and everyone else in the library!) can have a little taste of Milstein. 

We believe all of you are at the Columbia libraries in your hearts and that’s what really matters. Best of luck! 

oh how we miss it via the Bwarchives