Bwog Staff wants to bring their personality to each and every Zoom call and we find that this is best achieved through the background we choose.  

Your Zoom background choice can speak louder than words. It can be incredibly telling of who you are…your wants and desires…your interests. 

Bwog does not condone the use of the backgrounds listed below, but merely ponders the different ways that we could express ourselves on Zoom. 

So here it is…a list of backgrounds to spice up your Zoom call (theoretically speaking):

  • Your latest Instagram (extra points for a thirst trap)
    • Alternatively: A picture of you with a list of reasons why you would be the perfect lover
  • Your professor’s face
  • A screenshot of the previous nights reading just to prove you’ve read it…
    • For optimal effect, include your annotations
  • Lin Manuel-Miranda biting his lip
    • Alternatively: your favorite TikTok meme
  • Your professor’s house 
  • Your dating app profile 
    • Don’t be shy…include your bio :) 
  • The exact location of your crush’s house 
  • Bwog’s logo
  • A live clock counting down to whenever your current class ends 
  • Hugh Jackman (stop letting all the film studies people have all the fun)
  • “BE MY FRIEND” in bold 
  • The entire movie of signs (2002)
  • A circus…where you belong
  • Your resume 
    • Alternatively: A screenshot of your LinkedIn profile (we know how important those connections are)
  • A video of you slowly scrolling through Martin Luther’s 95 theses
  • The Beginner’s mind 
    • Alternatively: PrezBo or PresBei
  • A screenshot of the class you are in
  • Your yearbook photo from your freshman year of high school
    • Extra points for braces

I even annotated my reading via James Perry