An anonymous Bwogger, who is not Isabel, adds a new individual to Isabel’s Fight List: a student who committed several atrocities in the Butler Reference Room.

Dear Gross Person from Ref,

I cordially invited you to a fight this evening at sundown, at the sundial, with masks on. This invitation may confuse you for several reasons: Why would someone want to fight me? What did I do that warrants a fight? Why would I have to keep my mask on? I’m glad you asked.

At approximately 2:30 pm, sometime last week, you sat somewhat in front of me in Ref. Now, I consider myself a fairly polite person. I think it’s rude to stare. So, you can imagine that my staring was warranted given that I saw you with your mask off for several minutes in a shared indoor space. 

As you probably know, the Columbia University library system rules for using the libraries state that students must “wear a face covering at all times.” Not sometimes, not half of the time—all of the damn time. And yet, you had yours located on your chin for no good reason.

What I saw next was baffling and is not for the faint of heart. You straight up took your finger and shoved it all the way up your nose. Yup, you picked your nose, as an adult, in public, in an indoor space during a global pandemic. 

Besides the fact that this behavior is inexcusable and disgusting, I want you to understand how much you are putting everyone else at risk. One of the scariest aspects of this virus is the fact that any of us could have it at any time, with or without symptoms. You and your gross ass boogers could have spread it unknowingly. (If we were still in pre-pandemic times, I still would have written a callout post about this behavior.)

Even without the nose action, you still could have spread it. Keeping your mask on is a sign of respect for the people around you. I know it can be annoying, and itchy, and a little sweaty, but it doesn’t matter—I’m keeping my mask on because that’s what we have to do for now. 

Now, let’s get serious. I’m not a snitch, but if I see this behavior again, I will report you. If you think that sounds extreme, it’s not. I am not going to let someone’s entitlement to lowering their mask and picking their nose spread COVID-19, effectively closing campus facilities and getting everyone else sick. 

It is extremely selfish to believe that your desires to feel up your nose and be maskless exceed the needs of the campus community to stay as safe as possible. Maybe you don’t realize this pandemic affects other people, or maybe you don’t care. But realize that your peers and your community are watching you.

Anywho! Thanks for ruining Ref for me and see you at the sundial tonight! I may be a little late; I’m thinking I should pick up gloves on the way there.

I have the honor to be your obedient servant,

B. S. (Bwog Staff)

P.S. To the group of students wearing tee shirts that said something about ‘human rights’ but still lowered their masks to collectively share a Juul together while breathing on everyone, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. I’m just getting started.

Ref Pre-Pandemic via Bwog Staff