POV: You shyly pin your crush’s video, and in the reflection of their glasses, you see your magnified self. O romance! O love! How the heart burst at the thrill of such thought!

I am guilty of the pin feature. I have pinned my Zoom crush. Arrest me.

Okay, yes, it’s a little creepy.

Even with no pinning, I can see how the ability to view everyone’s faces front-on is a little uncomfortable. Especially in the smaller classes, I feel like I am both performing and watching others perform, always acutely aware that my peers can see my face at all times. So the possibility that I might be someone’s pinned video is even weirder and creepier. The idea that someone might decide to zoom in on me and only me, even for a second, is mildly disturbing—but also flattering and exciting?

At least, I hope that’s a universal feeling. Maybe I am just trying to justify my unethical practice. But hey, if pinning that cutie in my class is making my life a little more bearable right now, who are you to judge? It’s almost as if Zoom designed itself so that I can discreetly pin my crush to give me that extra adrenaline I need to get through my classes.

To you, who I know has already committed the guilty act or been deliberating the ethics of “to pin or not to pin,” I proudly proclaim, go ahead.

If you find beauty in your crush’s enlarged face, then enjoy it, love it, cherish it. Let that beauty fill your screen. My only caution would be to NOT pin if you are wearing glasses, or if there is anything in your background that’s reflective. That is, unless you want your crush to know you are pinning them. ;)

look at all those ethics via Pixabay