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Things To Do When You Have Less Than A Minute Left On Zoom

You know what they say use your time wisely.

We’ve all been there. Your free 40-minute Zoom call gets the ominous “Less than a minute” box in the corner, seemingly staring you and the other participants down. None of you want to start a new topic in fear of getting cut off, but you’ve already wrapped up the previous conversation. Suddenly “less than a minute” feels like hours, and you find yourselves awkwardly waiting in silence.

Thanks to Bwog, this ends here! We’ve compiled a list of far better alternatives for the next time your free Zoom call is about to end. 

Fight against the clock

  • Start a long rant on any topic that will inevitably be cut off.
  • Start playing a song with a really good bass drop but time it out so the minute is up right before the bass drops.

Steal the spotlight

  • Pretend to be a talk show host.
  • Offer to teach a TikTok dance.
  • Reenact a scene from Little Women.
  • Cosplay as Shrek and play All Star in the background.

End with a cliffhanger

  • Scream.
  • Tell them your deepest, darkest secret.
  • Confess your sins.
  • Admit to being a vampire OR pretend to be attacked by vampires.
  • Admit to a heinous crime.

Spread the love!

  • Confess your love to someone in the call.
  • Read your newest poem.
  • Surprise serenade! 
  • Screen share and start playing the song What is Love.

If all else fails

  • Go get a nearby pet/sibling and have them stare blankly at the screen. Do not introduce them to the rest of the call. 
  • Slowly sink down in your seat so you slide out of the bottom of the frame right at the end of class.
  • Have a staring contest with a classmate.

running out of time! via iStock

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