I know you want to know…

When you choose to enter your Zoom class says so much about who you are and it’s actually proven to be more accurate than astrology.

If you enter the Zoom 15 to 20 minutes early: 

You are the type of person to wear jeans on your Zoom call. You are dressed in stylish clothes with your hair done and you even wear shoes. Your desk is meticulous and neat and every paper is in its place. You have done the previous night’s reading and have a bullet point list of the questions you want to ask and topics you want to discuss in further detail. You make fancy coffee drinks every morning and most definitely have 500+ connections on LinkedIn. You are also well aware of the fact that the Zoom automatically starts recording when you enter the call, and keep your camera on so that your professor knows how invested you are in the course. 

If you enter the Zoom 5 to 10 minutes early: 

You wake up minutes before class starts and turn on Zoom while you make your breakfast and coffee. You keep your camera off during class except for when you ask a question. You wear your pajamas and/or sweatpants to class and throw on an oversized sweatshirt to stay cozy. You drink black coffee. You skim through dense theoretical readings and have a complete understanding of them. When asked a question, you can formulate a beautifully worded answer in seconds. You are heavily involved in campus life and are on the board of several clubs. 

If you enter the Zoom 1 to 3 minutes early: 

You have two sets of pajamas…one for sleep and one for class. You take extensive notes on the previous night’s reading. You are anxious about class participation points and overuse the chat function on Zoom. You quickly respond to questions posed and constantly use the raise hand function. You often forget to unmute yourself before speaking. You drink coffee with non-dairy milk. You put your camera on the second class starts. You take pages of descriptive notes, transcribing everything the professor has said. You use multi-colored highlighters to stay organized. You don’t want to be the only one on the Zoom call with your professor and for this reason, you enter only a couple of minutes early…strength in numbers. 

If you enter the Zoom the second class starts: 

You are extremely organized and journal extensively. You write with colored Muji pens. You drink tea. You have an in-depth morning routine which includes meditation and a workout. You switch between having your camera on and off during the Zoom call. You message your TA questions that you have instead of asking your professor. You dress in athletic clothing. You always attend office hours and participate heavily in recitation sections. You are passionate about one group on campus and devote the majority of your time to it. You have reorganized your living space to look more cohesive over Zoom. You play your favorite music up until the last possible second and that’s why you enter the Zoom the moment class begins. 

If you enter the Zoom 5 to 10 minutes late: 

You know that the professors take a little bit of class to review the previous day’s lecture and take this into consideration when choosing to enter the call. You hate wasting time and never procrastinate. You type your notes on your computer and use Arial 11 point font. You don’t drink coffee or tea. You love cereal and granola. You are very sociable and are not afraid to reach out to people in your class. You are the person to form study groups and create class group chats. You wear graphic tee shirts and pajama shorts to class giving the illusion that you put effort into your look. You are quick to respond to fellow classmates’ questions in the chat. Most importantly, you are definitely TikTok famous. 

If you enter the Zoom 5 minutes before class ends or if you don’t go to your live Zoom lecture: 

(1) You are probably in a different time zone, (2) prioritize sleep, (3) forgot you had class, or (4) working. You are extremely stylish and take school very seriously. You have the perfect school-work balance. You are a multi-tasker who somehow manages to get it all done while still performing well. You watch the recorded lectures on the day of the live class. You send carefully worded emails to your professor with intelligent and thoughtful questions. You read for fun. You take notes with a blue or black gel pen. You turn in your assignments early. You despise social media and/or the internet. You write in 3 subject notebooks and prefer printing out your readings. Your favorite meal of the day is breakfast and you only drink iced coffee. 

So which one are you?

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