Long days, Zoom fatigue. Every now and then, we know your mind wanders. Ours does too.

If Zoom has taught me anything, it’s that I’m almost never aware of what my face is doing. She has a mind of her own. What I’ve noticed in the eighteen years I’ve had this face is that when at rest, I either look like a bitch or like I’m deep in thought. Unfortunately, I’m not always deep in thought about what’s actually going on in class. I should be, and I try, but like the great Hannah Montana said, “Everybody has those days. Everybody makes mistakes,” and so I forgive myself. Alas, in no particular order, here is a list of things I may be thinking about when it looks like I am deep in thought:

  • The Ben and Jerry’s in my freezer
  • The fact that other people I live with also know about the Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer
  • How many times my friends who don’t have class have rung me over FaceTime
  • How when I’m bored, the only thing I do is drink water, and now I have to pee like nobody’s business. Especially in the last two minutes of class, when the minutes go by like hours, and my bladder doesn’t have that kind of time 
  • I’m just looking out my window, watching the people outside like the creep I truly am
  • The pile of boxes I know other people can see that I should probably just clean up, but I know I won’t
  • How my mother would react upon seeing the pile of boxes 
  • The four minutes I have left in the show I was watching before class that I had to abandon to actually go to class
  • I want pasta. Do I have pasta?
  • I hope my mic is off because I’ve been humming for two minutes
  • Will I ever truly trust that my mic is off?
  • I still really have to pee
  • Shit, is that really what I look like today? And other people can see that?

Image of someone else also deep in thought via Pxfuel