Looking to enrich your learning experience this semester? Learn what it really takes to be a preceptor for an online class!

Job Description:

Student Preceptors will support faculty teaching in virtual formats. Preceptors will sit in and observe the class, take attendance, and do virtually nothing else. They also facilitate meaningful discussions about the overall suckiness of virtual learning and act as a support system to professors desperate to prove that they can keep up with new technology. Preceptors play a pivotal role in ensuring that virtual classes are held smoothly, and promote a productive virtual learning environment.

Job Duties:

In-Class Duties May Include:

  • Call on the same 3 students who raise their hands to answer questions
  • Try to keep up with the overwhelming amount of questions in the chat (that would not have been asked in-person)
  • Jump through breakout rooms to monitor participation and nod your head as if you know what’s going on in class
  • Gossip with the faculty member on what the Youth™ are up to

Out-of-Class Duties May Include:

Job Requirements:


  • Students must be available during scheduled classes
  • That’s it
  • That’s literally all the requirements

Preferred Competencies:

  • Students should know what Zoom is
  • Students should be able to effectively manage switching tabs between the virtual class, readings they will eventually end up looking up on Wikipedia, the latest Columbia Confessions megathread, and their classmate’s most recent Twitter rant, all while scrolling through TikTok and avoiding doing any real work
  • Experience with wasting time online shopping is a plus
  • Students should feign interest in the major or coursework when applying to flatter the professor and support their ego
  • Comfortable with technical support jargon such as “yeah, that’s so weird,” “I haven’t seen that before,” “hmm, I’m not sure,” and so on…
  • Able to communicate professionally and appropriately with faculty when shit inevitably hits the fan

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