The official organization for when the 1 train really IS delayed.

(If you’re not sure what this is, see our primer from the first episode.)

Skip Stop, a club in name alone, services both Columbia’s and Barnard’s commuter community. Given present circumstances, however, no one’s doing much commuting anywhere, least of all to campus. While this has affected how the board has approached programming this semester, it’s also afforded both the board and their fellow commuters opportunities that they wouldn’t normally have had. What’s changed—and what still needs to change—for commuters on campus?

Our thanks to Roberta Bukshtab (president, BC ’21), Hawa Tunkara (vice-president, BC ’21), Mahnoor Jamal (treasurer, BC ’21), Winsome Ching (secretary, BC ’21), and Daniela Lebron (publicity officer, BC ’22) for their time.

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Header image via Bwog illustrator Shane Maughn