It’s midterm season, so what else can you expect?

Bwog practiced midterm self-care and “self-care”:

  • Started lighting candles again and my mental health has drastically improved
  • Caught up on work for the first time in ages
  • Made soup for the first time
  • Finally got a fucking table!! I study at a table now!! With a spinny chair!!
  • Watched three episodes of The Handmaids’ Tale, and all of The Wolf of Wall Street in one night
    • Still reeling from that combo tbh
  • Told everyone I was making scones to show that I’m entering a new phase of the semester
    • (I’m making them Wednesday!)
  • Reached out to a commenter on a Columbia Confessions post and got Good Wisdom
  • Pretended that my last midterm did not exist, a decision for which I will probably be paying this week

Bwog sure had a lot of bread and toast and bread-adjacent things:

  • Got on a toast kick again
  • Found a still-perfect avocado in a parking lot
    • Brought it home and ate it on toast
  • Discovered porridge bread
    • My life is forever changed
  • Ate so much cereal with warm milk
  • Got those Pillsbury pumpkin sugar cookies and made them at midnight with my roommate
    • Felt content

Bwog did their duties, civic or otherwise:

  • Voted!!!!
  • Voted for the first time in a presidential election! I was too young for the last one by a week!
  • Voted (but for what? who can say)
  • Was forced to tell a political representative who showed up at my house that I already voted and passionately voted for his opponent
  • Proctored a Zoom exam
    • Realized I am Big Brother
  • Phone-banked
  • Went to my hometown’s human rights meeting :) 
  • Responded to all the emails and texts I had been putting off
  • Emailed my high school admin about how bad they are at making decisions
  • Convinced my grandma that the reason I don’t have a boyfriend is because of COVID-19
    • “Everyone stays far apart nowadays and how can you tell what people look like under their masks”
    • This is not the reason I don’t have a boyfriend 

Bwog just was kind of… hodgepodge:

  • Watched as my professor sent out everyone’s graded papers to absolutely everyone in the class, then an hour later emailed us to say she was just so, so sorry for having exposed us all like that
    • Me, before she apologized: is this some new grading transparency trend??
  • Realized my hair is finally long enough to wear it in pigtails
    • Anime Protagonist Vibes
  • Cried while reading a book for class… Who knew a book would be that good!
  • Rescued a frog
  • Absolutely sobbed my eyes out over Symphony No. 5 and Beethoven going deaf in Music Hum
  • Went apple picking with my colleagues
    • Tried to go apple picking a second time with my family but the orchard was completely out of apples
  • Suffered under the weight of my own decisions
  • Went into a very small corn maze
    • Emerged from the maze just as a caravan of cars sporting Trump flags and honking drove by
    • Was tempted to reenter the corn maze and live out my life in there, pretending the US is not the way it is 

Image of a lady in a non-appleless orchard via Pixabay